Read these 30 books before I knocked tridtsatnik

manygoodtips.com_11.02.2015_fDZpcEngbkdaGThe time that you supposedly spend with the benefit of browsing the Internet and doing «surfing» any crazy resources, can not be considered well spent. But our website not: we do our best to put you on the path of knowledge and self-development! And that is why we have selected for you 30 great books that you must master before you hit tridtsatnik. These books are saturated with wisdom, they are able to give you a new look at old things, to give inspiration and ideas that are prized throughout the world has for many generations in various countries of the globe. Read it and tell me you don’t read.

1. «Siddhartha» Herman Hesse

Incredibly powerful work of the great masters, whose prose is not subject to aging. «Siddhartha» is a book about the importance of life experience, the understanding of the essence of reality, how a person to reach enlightenment. The atmosphere of the Eastern philosophy will lull and soothe your anxious mind from page to page, helping to relax and to absorb the wisdom that is fraught with this amazing novel.

2. «1984» By George Orwell

Despite the fact that the book was written in 1949, its meaning and main idea is still relevant, even after 65 years. And that, as it cannot be considered a criterion of the truly great works? In the center of the dystopian novel – the all-knowing totalitarian government, in which any deviation from the proposed set of laws is punished severely and mercilessly.

3. «To kill a Mockingbird», Harper Lee

«To kill a Mockingbird» introduces us to the controversial racial issues in the 30 years of the last century. The plot revolves around an African – American unjustly accused of a crime he did not commit – the rape of young white girls. His case takes a lawyer who thereby bring upon your head the contempt and universal human condemnation. What the story is on behalf of his young child. This book is about justice and the fight against prejudice.

4. «A Clockwork Orange», Anthony Burgess

A nightmarish vision of insane youth culture that depicts violent understanding of the life of young criminals. This novel will take all your attention, then leave without a word, with a bunch of mixed emotions.

5. «For whom the bell tolls», Ernest Hemingway

A short but poignant piece on meditation on death, ideology and the incredible brutality and absurdity of war.

6. «War and peace», Leo Tolstoy

We are forced to read this work while still in school, literally under duress. But to take up this great book you need in adulthood, to understand what a masterpiece you hold and leaf through. The storyline develops in the Russian society during the Napoleonic era, where tragic and unexpected way intertwined fates of the main characters of the novel.

7. «Human rights», Tom Payne

A book written in the era of the French revolution, became one of the first that presented the world the concept and General provisions of human rights from the point of view of democracy.

8. «The social contract», Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A famous quote from this work States that «man is born free, and yet everywhere he is in chains.» What gives us the «Social contract» of Rousseau? First of all, provisions on the importance of each person in society.

9. «One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In this novel there is no plot in the conventional sense of the word. Instead, the author uses various historical narratives to describe the importance of memories and reverence for the traditions of our culture.

10. «The origin of species», Charles Darwin

The book, which had a significant impact on how society sees the world of nature and Genesis of mankind.

11. «The wisdom of the desert», Thomas Merton

A collection of thoughts and reflections that will help you understand what life is like for the person to learn how simple and pure life in harmony with the world and with herself and how to become part of the forces much bigger than ourselves.

12. «The Tipping Point», Malcolm Gladwell

The author is a canadian journalist and a sociologist, tells the reader why some ideas, products or behaviors spread rapidly, like the «epidemic», while others are doomed to failure. In particular, he analyzes «levels and criteria under which the momentum for change will be impossible to stop».

13. «The wind in the Willows» Kenneth Graham

A wonderful children’s book that will remind you of how important it is to see and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. It’s a tale filled with adventure, magic and camaraderie.

14. «The art of war» by sun Tzu

One of the oldest books on military strategy in the world. The wisdom of this work can be used in any area of our life from personal disputes, ending with the business strategy.

15. «The Lord Of The Rings», J. G.G. Tolkien

Open and read a few dozen pages, and you’ll forget that this is the greatest fictional story was originally written for children. Trust me, you don’t stop, and, reviewing the same movie, you can do this with the air of a connoisseur wrinkle your nose and say: «And the book wasn’t like that!»

16. «David Copperfield», Charles Dickens

Another tale that teaches the reader of any age the importance of discipline, emotion and ethics to achieve goals and success.

17. «Four Quartets», T. From. Eliot

Wise and poetic prose of modern times, which was written during the Second world war and still remains relevant.

«To know what you don’t know

You need to go down the road of ignorance

To achieve what you have,

You need to follow the path of renunciation.

To become what you were

You need to follow the path on which you are not.»

18. «Catch-22», Joseph Heller

One of the greatest works of the last century. The term «catch-22» has long been a household name in the US, and why – you can read in this collection, as we have already mentioned about this product.

19. «The Great Gatsby», F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book was also included in the list of unrecognized at the time of the emergence of masterpieces. «The great Gatsby» — a cautionary tale about the vicissitudes and temptations getting in the way of the American dream. In particular, the reader learns that a few good friends is much more valuable than a huge number of friends, and sometimes the desire to possess much sweeter than possession itself.

20. «The catcher in the rye» Jerome David Salinger

The book is about how difficult life is for a teenager. And no matter what time. Rebellion, perfectionism, loneliness, and fear of misunderstanding is passed through it everyone, that’s why the book became close and understandable to millions of readers around the world.

21. «Crime and punishment» by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The thing you trembling or finally read this book? Yes, the one about the old woman money-lender and Rodion, skillfully wielding an axe. Of course, this is only the outer shell, but dig deeper and you will tighten up into something gloomy and dark, which is the philosophy of the great Russian author-heavyweight.

22. «The Prince», Niccolo Machiavelli

An impressive description of the different managerial situations of power and statehood. From political and corporate power struggle for the sake of common progress until the desire to manipulate and control other people for the sake of personal benefits and interests.

23. «Walden, or Life in the woods», Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days on the outskirts of Concord (Massachusetts) built themselves a hut on the shore of the pond Boldinskogo to write this book. This is a story about what it means to be truly free from the pressures and stereotypes of society.

24. «The State», Plato

The imperishable work of the great sage will provide the reader with fundamental knowledge about political theory, about how should be the life lived, as leaders, should rule and how subordinates are to obey.

25. «Lolita», Vladimir Nabokov

The perception of the story depends on the broadmindedness of the reader. Some see here only sick, perverted and erotic overtones, and some depth of thought, beauty of style and the many facets of the contradictions between the sense of life and love.

26. «The master and Margarita» Mikhail Bulgakov

Anti-Communist Bulgakov’s masterpiece, published just after the author’s death, is a multifaceted novel about the clash of good and evil, which with a head immerses the reader into a world of greed, corruption, deception, and the essence of human nature. The embodiment of evil causes sincere sympathy, then as the Champions of honor and justice is mired in a swamp of hypocrisy and deceit. Strange and incomprehensible book for all times and generations.

27. «Getting things done», David Allen

The quintessence of leadership and organization in their life. A book with so promising a title cannot be ignored.

28. «How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie

Great-grandfather of all books on the topic of self-improvement. It is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide tells how to conquer yourself and to change the angle of thinking to establish your personal and business relationships.

29. «Lord of the flies», William Goldin

A provocative book about how the pure and lofty ideals are changing animal instincts in the wild lawlessness and anarchy.

30. «The grapes of wrath, John Steinbeck

The story about the survival of displaced families desperately looking for work in the country, which is mired in depression, will never cease to be relevant.

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