Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2014


For this gamer, and a gamer keyboard is the same as for the lifter rod. Without it, everything loses its meaning!

Razer is a well — known manufacturer of computer peripherals. Mouse and keyboard from Razer or look cool, or terribly productive, but most of the peripherals from this company is different and classy appearance and excellent technical characteristics. Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2014 — improved version of the keyboard Razer BlackWidow. It is a wired keyboard, whose architecture was significantly changed by Razer engineers. A test group checks the quality of the electronics, entirely consisted of the best players-players.

The keyboard is designed for playing, not for printing. Of course, typing on this tablet is possible but during this you’ll feel that typing on a Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2014 is the same as plow on a black horse. Mechanical keys are very durable and can withstand up to 60 million keystrokes. For comparison, a conventional keyboard with mechanical switches can not survive more than 50 million.

The compact format of the periphery allows it to fit on any work surface. Protective cover protects the keyboard from troubles and physical damage, as it is convenient to take Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2014 the tournament. The color of the backlight: green. There is anti-ghosting keys, provided that the user presses from 10 buttons. Fans of silent print will be disappointed — Razer BlackWidow Tournament 2014 not a silent keyboard, but those who love nice bust and peremanivanie buttons will be happy.

The weight of the device decent — 950 grams. Keyboard for professional and Amateur will cost you 4000 rubles.

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