Ray-Ban glasses for the characters


Ray-Ban — brand time-tested and approved by millions of glasses around the world. Under this name are produced of eyeglass frames, corrective vision and sun protection glasses for every taste and color. The only common criteria – quality, reliability and style. This accessory has adorned the faces of people such as Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr, Freddie mercury, and many other religious persons of the past and present century, and appeared in films that have become classic («Top gun», «Cobra», «to Live and die in Los Angeles», «Breakfast at Tiffany’s»). Perhaps with the purchase of these glasses you will have at least some chance to be a bit similar to the idol of his childhood – Sylvester Stallone. Most importantly, don’t forget about the other key point is the toothpick.


Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared in 1929 when the company Bausch & Lomb received an order from the air force Lieutenant John McCurdy for the development and production of glasses which were supposed to protect pilots eyes from the blinding brilliance of the sun and UV rays, while providing high clarity images because the pilots were dying of headaches and various diseases of the eyes caused by a bright light. The call was received: using high-quality optical glass which is completely cut off ultraviolet and infrared rays, reflected the blinding rays of the sun, while not impacting negatively on image quality, the craftsmen of the company created the legendary eyewear-«drops» Large Metal. And in 1932, Amelia Earhart, the first woman, alone flew from United States to Europe, was chosen for the advertising company model Aviator. However, the founders of the company due to the large number of expenses Bausch & Lomb had to sell a brand perspective, the right to glasses Ray-Ban was bought by Luxottica, which to this day owns the production of branded glasses.


In 1938 came the first sunglasses «Shooter», available with the two types of lenses: «Green Ray-Ban» (the same lens was used for the model Aviator) and «Kalichrome» (lenses pale yellow colour, suitable for foggy weather). Soon came a third, sporty style, «Outdoorsman», is designed for those engaged in hunting, fishing and active rest.

Ray-Ban always kept a finger on the pulse of fashion and watching the trends that are popular in society. The era of rock-n-roll inspired the makers of Ray-Ban to launch a line of bright points with the original frame and style and some frames such as «Smart Set» with coloured wings, is perfectly combined with the high bangs and bright clothing that prevailed at the time. Until 1969 the collection was attended by 50 models, compared with 30 models in the early sixties.


Sunglasses Ray-Ban are extremely diverse – along with classic and versatile models, such as frames for corrective glasses, models with protection from the sun in summer, the options are designed to be worn winter days, publicly presents a model for driving and sports, and with a wide variety of lenses.

A few interesting facts from the history of Ray-Ban



The first guy who became famous Aviator model was not a celebrity, and General of the air force. Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines during world war II, and photographers captured his face decorated with this stylish accessory, which so pleased the representatives of the French army that the company Ray-Ban in a very short time received a rather large order.



The first points issued by the company, had a green tinted glass to better cope with sun glare, and plastic frames, which was quickly abandoned, replacing it with a thinner metal.



Actor Humphrey Bogart became the first celebrity who starred for advertising Ray-Ban. Later his example was followed by James Dean and Marlon Brando.



In 1974 came the model «Ambermatic» with yellow lenses, one of the biggest supporters which was hunter s Thompson.



In the 90s, Ray-Ban remains at the top as a «guest star». Denzel Washington in «Malcolm X», Tim Roth in «reservoir dogs», will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in «Men in black», johnny Depp in «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas» – they all happily wore these glasses, the trademark of which is ring-«mouthpiece», which allows you to free your hands for shooting.



The disco era almost killed the brand. Fashion the distinctive shape of glasses gladly approved the Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol, but fortunately, everything went well and the company successfully emerged from crisis.



Movies with Tom cruise where he sported glasses from Ray-Ban, sales rose more than 40 percent. Twice.

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