Rare photos of the stars of erotica 50’s was put up for auction

Rare photos of the stars of erotica 50’s was put up for auction

Page1588410478 Betty

Dude, if you seriously think that the first porn and girl in erotic outfit many years ago was much virtuous, you’re wrong. Actually and chaste eroticism and outright BDSM at that time lacked.

Then even his own star was not Sasha grey, of course, but also hot, her name was Betty Paige. And this cutie will give light to many modern stars. 6 and 7 April, held an auction dedicated to models and Actresses of the XX century. At auction rich uncles will sell rare photos oldovyh stars, but the main event of the evening will be selling rare photo of Bettie page.

Betty became famous as the star of an erotic, pin-up and sadomasochistic (light enough for our perception of photography. Of course, not excluded, however, hut-hut-hut, man.

The fate of Betty was, by the way, is unenviable. In the late fifties, she gave up acting and became very religious (possibly because I was frightened by the warnings of the US government, which ordered the girl to destroy some of the indecent form). Then in 1979, she ended up in the hospital, possibly from a terrible dissonance in the soul. Betty was discharged in 1992. And in 2008 died, asking to turn off the artificial support (she has long suffered from heart disease).

Unenviable fate, sorry for quality of pictures: rarity!

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