Rare and unusual profession

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2015_f8sfy6l28jaUzYou can make money on absolutely everything, to build a career you can even match sulfur. Correctly say: «Money does not smell» – and therefore there is nothing wrong with your labor to enrich the «entry guide to toilets», although it’s not the best. However, everything in order, and you read carefully and pay attention. Suddenly something like.


If you can spin the tobacco in a wrapping sheet and trim to make quite a «smoke» cigar? I do not think if you don’t torcedores. It would seem that difficult: roll it up, put under the press, cut off, but no: in order to learn this craft, you need to get a specialized education at a cigar factory in Cuba. Most importantly, know tobacco, as Niels Bohr physics, and to be very careful. There is an opinion that the best cigars are rolled on the smooth thigh of a mulatto, but that’s just a myth. These deals often the elderly bearded Creole browned from constant contact with tobacco hands, whose lungs are composed of 80% tobacco smoke.

Tea taster

No self-respecting tea company can not do without a specialist who tests the tea determines its grade, quality and also the place where it was grown. Not to be confused with the technologist of tea production. Tea taster is almost sommelier in the tea world. Since tea is made from several blends, it needs to collect the most acceptable and pleasant. It’s not bags roll.


Never heard of these? But you know what they do. For such a proud name hides none other than the manufacturer of wigs, a fake mustache and sideburns. Not an easy job. When you perform the tasks you need to have great perseverance and patience. Thin strands apart almost to the hairs, placed on the machine, and then carefully sewn together in a single product. One model takes an average of 15-20 days. Even more difficult to make beards and mustaches. They are doing individual drawings, stretching hook one hair at base. Oh, and the fee for such hard work is appropriate.

Catcher ants

It’s not to destroy the nests and the poor bugs to crush. This difficult and thankless task should engage a professional. First, you need to know the ants, their anatomy, to be able to choose the most beautiful, smart and tough, looking at natural nests. And all this is done not for fun. Sorted specimens are placed in a special artificial nests for breeding. Then of the most beautiful and appetizing ants collect the poison, of course for medical purposes.

Taster cat food

You never bothered you, what colors describe cat food in advertising? Like if they ate them. Although there are people who are not shy is dry dog food. Probably, they go to the tasters. When you can see the fillet in the bag, which eat four-legged friends? Before you put it on the shelves, a special person should check how the cat will make the body extract in a refined sauce. The taster analyzes the smell, smelling like a cat a bowl of delicious lumps. This is a test for the freshness of the product and its flavor. The second stage – a thorough peremennye and chewing, which allows to determine absence of recycled lived and bone fragments. Sometimes limited to simple kneading, smearing resembles something quite unappetizing goo on the fingers. Everything to make your koteika not hurt my teeth!


Do not rush to laugh. Here is actually a little funny. Just such a discordant title went to the people who are forced to put on a small wooden handle sulfur. So, austriatel makes the matches, not what you think. The profession is very rare, but it is unlikely to completely disappear from the face of the earth.

Dressing guide

China care not only about people but also about their physiological processes. So there was this strange profession. Specially trained employees at a reasonable cost will not only tell you where to find the nearest public toilet, but is carried to the destination. Tellingly, the employment documents shall be marked with the entry «Toilet guide».


In ordinary life, the sniffer covered the elite aromas of expensive perfume and a terrible stench triple colognes. His primary duty is to assemble a blend of spices to make an adequate fragrance composition.

But sometimes the sniffer is not enough good salaries, and they go the whole hog and go sniff your armpits. In the literal sense. Duties include to determine the degree of bonusesthe underarms after using regular deodorant. And so the whole day long.


Do you know why George Clooney always looks so good? Not only because he has a wonderful flavor, but also because of his army of helpers, assistants, stylists lost a couple of shopper. In fact, it is a person for whom shopping is not fun, but the most that neither is real work. He paid for it. It consultant shopping that works with individual clients. Speaking generally, this is the man who gives advice regarding purchases (what and where?) and style as a whole and, if necessary, accompanying shopping. The profession is not common, but it paid very, very generously.


Choicest of professions – female. Heavenly pleasure, a real guide to men’s tastes. His task is to determine the compatibility of cigars with alcoholic drinks. Female, often called a cigar sommelier. He is well versed in cigars and spirits, knows the characteristics of taste, aroma, color, and other characteristics of elite varieties of cigars, and basic rules for combination of alcohol and cigars. The profession is quite rare, as not every institution care about the leisure of the client so that the individual to choose his elite drink and tobacco. To become female, you have to be very well polite, be able to distinguish flavors and no alcohol and not to smoke out in the workplace.

The source

The rhythm of life in Tokyo is faster than in many civilized cities of old Europe. So, the appearance of the profession of interlocutor there is quite natural. These comrades sitting in their booths in the busiest areas of the city and listen to everyone. For a week every professional interviewee a chance pootkrovennichat nearly 10,000 residents. Do I need to explain that the other person should have the skills of a subtle psychologist and angelic patience, and for listening to the human, and even in industrial scale, is not given to everyone.

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