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As he sang the upbeat Yuri Antonov, dreams come true. But nightmares too — I have to add: I obviously optimism Antonov far. Casual relationships, it is not strange, this thing better be ready. If you’re not ready for it, you’ll probably fail, and with this connection you can not see as their ears. Like a good boxer, you should be able to evade unwanted stuff and get exactly what you need — no tantrums, scandals with her boyfriend and in the end the most this guy did not become.

Generally, a casual relationship is a very interesting practice. Who can you blame? But before you start, you need to figure out how to be in order not to spoil your idea. In General, here are our instructions, get-sign.

No need to seek adventure

First of all, remember this rule. It’s just stupid to go to have fun and wait what happens in the adventure. The more you wait, the less chance you have — Murphy’s law. And can plenty loud to talk, what you drive and how many millions you earn — with these hands wait for success you don’t have. It’s like a UFO or the Loch ness monster: if you look at the sky, it is unlikely you will see a flying saucer. It is just necessary to believe and one day you’re lucky. All naturally increase mutual interest and imperceptibly.

Get before leaving just in case

Dudes don’t need much time to pack. Before you leave home, get off the toilet you know what hair if they’re lying, and just walk on the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth. Push away their porn, and not wanting to be her maniac.

If the girl has nothing against casual sex, just like you, she probably could use a little clutter in your house. Just make sure your place looks nice because the morning you care, and you’ll be running around the house like crazy, picking up garbage here and there. The trick is for you to have to do it in the morning and not immediately after coming.

Be cool, be yourself

Most women lie smell a mile away. So do not spontaneously lie about what you do and where you come from. She doesn’t care if you write for a great men’s site, or having fun, painting another masterpiece. Just say you like her shoes, or her hair if they’re really into me, and don’t try to impress someone who, in General, and do not care. Down to earth girl asking too much from casual sex because of the city full of posers, losers and lovers to invent that will tell them anything. Don’t need to be the same as these mediocre dudes. Just be yourself, whoever you are.


No, we’re not about condoms (although they, too, remember!), they obviously have to use, since we are talking about an accidental incident. That’s what we are: make sure your guests don’t have a husband, boyfriend, or both. If you decide to do a married woman, you can safely begin to Rob banks and sell drugs to kids: this is the same order of things. And you still kick ass.

Children. Children is the difficulty. It all depends on how much you love them and how you feel about the fact that they will start to call you dad after the first meeting. If they’re teenagers, it’s nothing, with them at least to talk to. Probably now they are in search — much like their mom with her nightly adventures. Speaking of teenagers: make sure she is not one of them. If she is not eighteen, and to think forget! Just goodbye and ran out of there, run!

Have fun

Most likely, you will never meet again, so have fun. Try something weird that you’ve been interested in any new moves — probably the same something. However, don’t get too carried away: it may be confused with this news. Sex is also fun, so relax and enjoy. The same thing applies to her. It’s like a toy store, but limited in time: just enjoy until the time has expired.

Don’t thank

You don’t want this nice girl felt like a prostitute? Be careful! To do this, just a simple «thank you»: one word — and she slams the door in tears. Still gave money. Understand that you need to be well-mannered and to behave like a gentleman, but «thank you» is not the best way. Even if you’ll never see her, be polite, it’s nice.

Offer her coffee in the morning

casual relationshipsThat would be the gentlemanly thing to do! Offer. Heartily. While hoping that she would refuse. Otherwise, your courtesy will lead you to what you invite her to lunch, meet her friends — and eventually find yourself singing karaoke. If you are afraid of those consequences, well, be a pig and pretend like you were sleeping soundly. In an extreme case, let’s set the alarm and make coffee myself. Although it may lead to something more serious, and then let the ass out.

Don’t look for her Vkontakte

If it’s really casual relationship and you have no desire to do it again, you don’t need to see her repost of cats and reports on traffic jams. No contact, Twitter, instagram. If you and her have been added Vkontakte, don’t expect it will change your relationship status, don’t need to like every message about going to yoga. Respect the relationship that you have installed. Keep your distance, show a little maturity. Dude, you have enough friends Vkontakte. Why do you have to hammer your my friends page another friend? In the end you will be ashamed of yourself, or you will be jealous of the girl that you are, in General, I don’t know the guys you never saw.

To finish this lecture, I will tell you this. If you want more adventure, you rather need a steady girlfriend, but that’s another story. Good luck!

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