Raleigh Spitfire Hardcases — a robust case for reliable man

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Strange stuff, man, but really a little chic cases and portfolios to go with them to work in costume and full dress. So I thought, until I found this case covered, you would not believe the fucking aircraft aluminum. Holy mother of Satan, that’s fine!

Developed it a noble Antiques dealer and part-time famous restorer of Antiques and various antique furniture Timothy Oulton. Based on dude took the old suitcase and sheathed his good such plates. And he secured them with rivets and most important places. It came out light and airy case. Inside Timothy obbil thick cloth with various impregnations and pockets designed of real leather. Turned out pretty good. But Timothy decided not to stop and made a few varieties of case: various sizes plus cases for storage of any women’s stuff for tough friends.

The large suitcase Ultron sells at a price of $ 1300, and the smallest of the case 400. Prices of secondary cases, respectively, fall between these two numbers.

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