Rag, you’re not confident?

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2014_VuBNfQPjxgihSHow do you think the role of the invincible male, which you tried long before birth? We that there is the established way of man that each of us can match. Eh, I would, of course, to argue about it, but another time, today we’re not going to have a struggle with women because of their ideals, but just remember along with you about their schools, which sometimes kompleksem.

There are things that make you feel self-doubt. Even if you’re a super-expensive, it is still because of something so complex. And that’s fine. Of course, this does not apply to narcissistic pseudopara. They certainly believe in yourself, even when the most natural shit.

Therefore we say: don’t try to create superbaby enough with my girls, you too are far from perfect, just not always remember that. Let’s refresh your memory and list a few things that make you feel insecure.

1. Short sex

You know who to blame for our systems? Damn women’s magazines! Or ladies-gossip girl that is credited to your standard sexual intercourse at least another 40 minutes. And yet, these movies and books, where the characters fuck all night long with a little break gentle kisses and a steaming glass of champagne with strawberries.

Yeah. Just an incredible picture. Most importantly, worried for no reason, because if you’re fucking a chick for hours, then she’ll throw you down, beat feet and a trick. Sex is the case when the priority is quality, not quantity.

Meanwhile, research by one of the medical centers show that women believe sexual intercourse:

— very short – 1-2 minutes;

— normal from 3-7 minutes;

perfect – from 7 to 13 minutes.

So I think and draw conclusions.

2. Kanakakunnu body

Especially if your woman scratches Ryan Gosling, whose body can hardly be neglected. But few of her friends know that an actor has not always had such a body. First, he was a real drischu, then became very fat. He simply had no choice – had to go to the gym. And here is a great body that is pleasing to the Indian eye.



You’re already worried about her figure, more than a woman. Maybe we’ll surprise you, but women, like men, love is not only slim and fit. Looking for a cosy fatties. No, not fat vampires, and the little chubby guys. You may be too plush and I can’t cope with the weight, but that is no reason to despair.

3. The imprint of the past

The subtitle sounds like it will be about the former prisoners, but in fact we are on the other. The biggest imprint in your life left by the previous relationship. And you know that a friend is jealous of the former still more than the possible future. You, alas, will never be able to cope, and even we can help you.

Do you think that perhaps you had not so great experiences in bed and nothing to impress the pretty girl. Perhaps it is because of this you will not dare to invite her to the cafe. Or, conversely, you’ve got a big list of ex-lovers, and you already had the reputation of a womanizer. You know what? You’re too worried about this. Everyone has the right for past posts, so rest easy and not worry about it.

4. You’re not the wolf of wall Street

No wolf, except a wolf. What now? It just so happens that men are breadwinners in the family. They are the water cooler in the office will order, and the meat they bring home. And that’s fine. You have to earn money and to carry them into the house.

Okay if you’re not fabulously rich. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, it is simply impossible. But you can start your little narrow, but a favorite thing. The main thing you will be proud of. A woman will love you without considerable reserves account. Just at least don’t be a gigolo and is able to do her friend a small gift and dressing themselves with you and this is enough. Well, to grow and develop was not forbidden.

5. You have a small dick

We’re just learned that many girls will know the estimated size of your member, based on the size of your nose… it’s not even that, but the fact that you’re worried about the fact that you have a small penis. Are you sure this is right? We are more than sure that now you downplay valid, without knowing it.

Did you know that the average penis size is 14 cm? Even if you do not fit in the 14 cm, remember that the most important is technique, not size. Not all women love big cocks. Only stupid girls that are sexting via SMS.

Well, as you feared! Turns out it isn’t so scary. In fact, if you have a girlfriend, you’re perfect for her. Even if you’re with a shaved belly and hairy balls. It is something not to arrange – she’ll definitely tell you if you, of course, managed to grab a normal woman.

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