Radical insulation of the den

That’s already in the Central belt, the snow fell. You seem to be enough, all looked, in the tube stood, changed to winter tires, and it’s not coming off. This is only the beginning, it will be even colder, and the constant attributes will be wrapped under underwear UD, snot and hiding in the home her naked beauty under wool socks and a warm sweater for a friend. If with snot and sievanen you have nothing to do, that warm friend can. And it’s not about physical contact, and of such pressing for colds problems like cold in the house. Or rather, about those moments when the extra radiators and sealing the Windows does not help. We will only describe a radical approach to the insulation, because there is nothing more important than the weather at home and a girl that walks the house naked.

Window crash

Plastic double-glazed Windows, the idea is his, the cold should not miss, but the reality is quite different. The quality of the Windows – less airtime in the New Year, and some do not for our harsh winters. However, most often the problem is unscrupulous hacks who installed the Windows, in – specie, and they are rats on the mounting pins save. And as a result, under a window sill is a graceful slit. To do this, take the foam myself to finish the hack.

Panel gap

There is such trouble in our country – panel houses. Live for yourself, live and gradually cracking facade, surawski walls and other delights, it turns out that the house is warm, as in a cryogenic chamber Austin powers. The reason one – panel shit, short-lived and of poor quality. But what to do, not as a new apartment to buy. So check the seams of the walls. There also may be hidden cracks, if it is a corner apartment. How to find out what deals are in the joints? Very simple: in the corners and then will appear in the mold.

But there is a caveat: to get to the gap, you need to strip Wallpaper and discourage the plaster. So be prepared to buy at least a new Wallpaper. And the slit again sealed with foam.

Miserable wall

Cold can be the wall itself. For example, if a flat end and faces North. This is especially true for new buildings, appear with hands of Talibjanov and Sagyndykov from cheap materials in just a few months.

In such cases it is necessary to recall the Soviet experience, when for warmth, beauty of sound and the illusion of a beautiful life used carpets. Now you can use modern alternative to a wool panel. Tapestries too. A more radical method is to insulate the walls with plasterboard or any other material with low thermal conductivity. But this, again, will have to make repairs.

Shitty floors

In the apartments over the unheated rooms – usually on the first floor can show through and off the floor. Previously loved putting the flooring directly on the bare concrete. In such cases, of course, it is better to remove the entire floor to hell so, proving that you’re a man, do everything for science. But it’s money. Cheaper, of course, to do carpet.

Screen for radiators

If the floor is made normally, the cracks sealed, but cold as the glass of chilled «Yippie», then install with the radiator heat reflective foil shield or a special material – heat insulation material is laid. Then the radiator will heat the room, not the wall.

In addition, pay attention, not make your radiator the curtains, sofa and other amenities. They interfere with the heat distribution, and heats only okolokozhnoe space.


In addition, the Union room with loggia, redevelopment of neighbors, pederastic thin walls of the house (in this case, it will help the outer insulation of the house, such as the curtain wall) can affect the weather in the house. If the cold is not too harsh, turn on heating, air conditioning, battery replacement, and lock the doors to the rooms. It is not strange, but the closed door saves heat well. And they say that the houses warm tone is not so cold, so, when you change Wallpaper after grouting the cracks, think about the color.

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