Quotes that teach you will not teach

We often lay statements, which are designed to awaken the sleeping mind and slumbering flesh from miserable slumber for further achievements. Some quotes make life clearer, and some make clearer their authors. But these… these are not the same so dull.



A great and terrible isolatedevice strange epileptic spasms and resemble drill sounds Gwen Stefani. In recent years, Gwen appears before the public in the form of designer and mercilessly pretended to be young women, looks like a football player Bastian Schweinsteiger, and so the people began to forget that once she was doing pop punk in No Doubt and satanic songs in his solo career. But in my heart she will remain as the author of this ingenious phrase. After it even the most narrow-minded and ignorant will believe in their strength and will generate a number of brilliant statements. Phrase: «Beer is beer. Ruff is ruff», «a horse is a horse. Thrush – thrush and Syphilis is syphilis. AIDS is AIDS.» We understand what you wanted to say miss Stephanie, but damn…



Dart-Lord of the Ukrainian television, the best copy of Andrei Malakhov, the sponsor of the scandals and disorders of Ukrainian families, the man who told the world how favorite kills children – all that can be said about the mind, honor and conscience of the Ukrainian television Dmitry Korpacheva. Bad is his job to listen to every heresy and to communicate with boorish children.

The history of this amazing phrase is simple. In one of the editions of the program «One for all» Korpachev and the company investigated the case of father who allegedly raped his daughters. Pseudo-dad showed a fragment in which his daughter tells in great detail about a nightmare home incest, then Dima with a playful reproach in the eyes put the big question to which no answer.



The beauty of this phrase is not how it sounds, but by whom and when it was said. One of the most charismatic players in the history of threw this nonsense, responding to a statement that journalists would constantly monitor his behaviour. After this phrase, Eric calmly rose from his seat and left the room, leaving a bewildered crowd of reporters.

This was after the legendary occasion when Eric broke the fan blow in a jump.



What can I say, the genius of pop art and drawings of cans in the paintings was absolutely right. In truth, orgasmic feeling to draw from its depths something like that. Right cleansing ritual, perhaps we should practice after listening to certain types of music and especially propaganda monologues.



In actual fact, Sergey Igorevich such example was trying to describe and give the cause-and-effect relationship, such a deep metaphysical things, like climbing the lowest to the highest. Seemingly innocuous dialogue-lecture, but had just a few phrases to talk about language, words and soul searching began to be perceived as normal so «..x nya man.» Perhaps it’s the same with natural care human nobody described.



And in the end a journalist’s question: «has Shown rolled up socks – what does that mean?» – he added: «It’s not rolled up socks wrapped socks.»

Well, here he is, the mayor of Kiev: what’s the word, then the Golden words at the level of the Lord God. Actually Volodya told about the methods of motivating the subordinates. No one understood. But not because Mr Vladimir stupid, just his pure mind is on another level of perception.



Back in those ancient and almost forgotten days when the priest of the West was called not only as Kenny, he machine-gun fire gave one an epic in its absurdity phrase after another. However, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a man who considers himself a miracle of God and therefore worthy to fuck Bhemian Rhapsody of Queen, the man who, according to «South Park», is a «gay fish», takes autographs from the books, not authors.



Just don’t tell MS Palin that the people are also made of meat.



Maybe they were too complicated relationship, and maybe the singer just on his head repulsed necrofile – we learn not given. And do not want.



Who would have thought that in our days the heliocentric system of the world could be challenged? And here is may. In one of the educational institutions in Saudi Arabia Mullah Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari informed the students about the immobility of the Earth relative to the Sun. At first he tried to prove it by quotations from the religious literature, and then decided to explain his position on a concrete example-flight from the UAE to China by plane. Well, that Copernicus didn’t hear you.

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