Quotes old Thor Heyerdahl

Anyone knows of Thor Heyerdahl, a true descendant of his ancestors – the Vikings, one of the legendary travellers of this world? The Norwegian did what many thought impossible. He proved that long journey across the ocean was technically possible for humans of the Neolithic period. One of the most famous expeditions of the Tour is the one that he made on a raft «Kon-Tiki». The trip took 101 days across the Pacific, the Tour covered 4,300 nautical miles. Heyerdahl filmed a documentary about the expedition was brought to this brave man and Oscar. There were other expeditions: the archaeological expedition to Easter island, crossing the Atlantic ocean by boat «RA» and «RA-II». It seems to us that every self-respecting man could find something useful out of what is often said Thor Heyerdahl.

1. On the consumption

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_90l02qJ3D0sRtNot to strain, we prisobachivat motors to bicycles, boats, lawn mowers, razors and tooth brushes. Hatch overtime to pay for all these items, then run to the doctor because processed, ate too much and got stress.Look at your life. Once again we’re telling you about it. If you feel like you’re not a man, and punching bag in between sleeping and eating, it’s time to change something.

2. On the verge

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_lnXkcw2UdhR8VBorder? Never seen, but have heard that they exist in the minds of most people.In our heads is clearly dominated by all kinds of obstacles that may very convenient in order to simplify the world. Here are the bad guys, those are our enemies, but from these just waiting for any villainy. However, wherever people live, they live as they can. In order to breathe more freely, essentially free and to look at the world.

3. About propaganda

When sitting together under the stars and I know that together we will sink or sail on, tolerance of other views is given much easier than when sitting on different sides of the border and stuck his nose in the newspaper or the television, swallowing carefully combed phrase.Politics is a dirty business. And you need to treat it as a dirty business, especially in times of «foreign» voltages. If you absorb all this crap like a sponge, any probably will be a foam of hatred against the citizens of another country.

4. About freedom

I am opposed to people were divided into good or bad depending on what political views they hold or some sort of religion going. People need to live free, without boundaries.Few of us, seeing all these atrocities of ISIS are generally able to get rid of the entrenched views of some things. However, we want to live in a better society, right? And let the reality does not allow, but maybe someday it will happen.

5. About time

The man – servant of a little mechanism that keeps the time going, it’s time to do so-and-so, hurry, don’t hesitate.We don’t have a lot of time allotted, do you agree? Therefore, the more valuable an opportunity to just relax, and then with new forces to start something big. Down with something that will not be able to make you happy! Don’t waste time on it.

6. About the right place

Stop.com.ua_28.07.2015_sqwPxRuyXV1dBThe most luxurious and expensive Banquet, hosted by the connoisseurs of the case, can not be compared with the fragrant, juicy Polynesian umu baked in green leaves and served liquidia bunch of powerful consumers under the open tropical sky.Sometimes the right time and the right place is so much more than any five-star hotel with a great mini bar. Now many people forget about it. People don’t get it, that comfort – not the most important thing in life, and money too, in its essence, that is, they do not. Comfort and convenience does not make a person, they only spoil.

7. About convenience

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_u6N6Iv5LfKwHbWe shot from the bushes sleeping bags and crawled into them, boastful arguing about who has the dry bag. The winner was Bengt: when he returned, his bag did not invite.Now we are annoyed when we are served the wrong pizza, the wrong kind of soda at the cafe. Many of such trifles scandals. Oh, how I would like to throw these guys on a desert island at least for a week where there would be no cafes, no money, no Internet. When the itch, will settle for a crust of bread.

8. On scientific progress

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_KVD6l95W0AuNDWhile hundreds of thousands of professionals feverishly experimenting with atoms and lasers, our little planet is flying at supersonic speed into the future, and we are all members of the huge technological experiment, and we need to learn to cooperate if we don’t want to go down with our common goods.You never know when you’re standing on the edge. Why complicate the situation of mankind? Isn’t it better to unite the efforts, to put aside our dogma and idiotic to try to do something really cool?

9. About Lenin

I did not know that comrade Lenin was an anthropologist.This phrase was said Tour at a scientific conference in the USSR, when he hinted that his theory is contrary to Leninist principles. Learn to defend your work, especially when you put pressure on the authority of people who know nothing about your field. You have done a lot in order to become what you are now. Don’t let all sorts of random characters to take that away from you.

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