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manygoodtips.com_20.04.2016_4JMGOiuEjFI8pYou thought Alexander the great – the most daring Greek history? Not at all. Through more than a thousand years, the Greek land (actually, the Turkish city of Izmir (Smyrna), which, like all the coast of Asia Minor, originally Greek), has produced the most avid adventurer of the XX century, managed to put together a yet unknown business Empire and become one of the main superstars of that era. This is a kind of symbolism because Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander.

Such business is now hard to find. Branson, trump, and never dreamed of the attention success, which was enveloped in his personality. The story of a clever boy who had escaped from cut by Turkish troops of the city, built a powerful business Empire and became the leading shipbuilder in the history, worthy of detailed study. He was a brilliant man, a real showman who knew how to fall in love with the powerful. A real male, from which went crazy the most influential ladies of the era: Opera prima Maria Callas for Jacqueline Kennedy, who was married to Aristotle shortly after in a head to her husband during the Dallas trip came one interesting thing.

One half the world hated him, while the other is adored. Many it irritated his activity and omnipresence, and a he was just jealous. He almost convinced the Prince of Monaco to proclaim the sovereignty of France, and his daughter married a Soviet citizen. And along with that it ships plied the sea and allowed him to have the largest yacht of its time and live in the taste, but of absolute luxury. He definitely has a lot to learn.


Not a lot of sleep. If you sleep 3 hours less every night of the year, you will have additional eighteen months in order to achieve success.One of the most famous phrases in Greek. Many large advised to sleep less to accomplish more. Napoleon so generally recommended not to stay more than four hours a day.

Calculation Onassis simple and proven themselves. When he moved to Argentina, where he started his business, then worked around the port Manager, and in the afternoon did business to import tobacco. The rest of the time was on women and their self and remains – a dream. And anything, lived a long and happy life.


manygoodtips.com_20.04.2016_vxU65VrkOXiY9He was big-nosed, low and black, like a bitch, but ladies to him and stuck. The fact that Aristotle always look after themselves and worked on the body. In his youth he was engaged in rowing, allowing his shoulders, despite the small size, was like a Spike, and in parallel worked on his speech, knowing that for success in business and personal life should be perfectly proficient in the language (in all senses) and know the etiquette.


Limited light food and abstain from wine and hearty food if you have a case. A few hours spent at the table in the middle of the day, this is the surest way of reducing your life.The artist must be hungry. Then he and in the Affairs of the will succeed, and will live longer.


Exercise and stay physically fit. Helps basic yoga: it is good for the mind and body. But if you can spend an hour or two a week at judo, it will free you from all your complexes.


Taking care of your appearance, and create the lifestyle of a successful person. Live in a respectable house, even if you have one room under the attic – in this case, you will be rubbing shoulders with the rich and successful people, meeting them in the hallways and elevators. Get more at the expensive cafe, soon you will realize how many lonely people among those who have a lot of money.This method will not make you rich, but will help you understand and figure out what pool you climb and whether it is necessary to you. Another famous phrase of Greek. But remembering the person understand what the main idea of this phrase – accustom yourself to luxury.

By the way, another synonym of success Onassis believed tan. Since you flaunt tanned skin in the Northern latitudes, so you have the money to travel South. All very logical.


manygoodtips.com_20.04.2016_ZzJWfkyi7XcnQDebatable, of course. Although this man was the richest in his time… he’s Probably right. So quickly get used to handling big money and know its value.


Keep your troubles to yourself and show people that you have a wonderful life.Absolutely true! That’s a real man! No matter how difficult, do not complain, let the enemies get used to the idea that you’re invincible.


In order to achieve success in business, it is necessary to make others see things as you see them.That is why the Greek with a scandalous reputation believed. Able, Dickens, to convince everyone, even presidents, he is right. A rare talent, but it is not beyond training.


The hardest thing to earn the first million dollars.In any case, longer. The second, third and later was made much easier.


manygoodtips.com_20.04.2016_iM6eN8V4ygmRkWhen your hobby becomes a job is the highest happiness. When your hobby brings you millions of dollars is success.


I have no friends, no enemies – only competitors.To succeed in business, people must be taken just so and not otherwise.


The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows.Anyway, Onassis life made another world to believe it.


If you aspire to success, then don’t waste time reading about how others have achieved success. It is better to live your own life than to be interested in how others did.Interested in the biography of interesting personalities not ashamed, but don’t waste too much time. Anyway, the exact recipe for happiness, these manuals will not. But this article will give. Will definitely give.

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