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Work.com.ua_11.06.2014_wVUdNxe15XFuDA good quote can change our Outlook on life. It can form our behavior, or simply to broaden their horizons and help one to Excel in conversation with an important person. Whoever you’re quoting the ancient Greek Eastern sage or transcendent wisdom of the drunk bartender — always a pleasure to have cost quotes. Of course, it’s not worth tattooing on your forehead carpe diem, but keep in mind not only those words.

We understand that everyone lives according to their own principles. However, there are poets, thinkers and scientists, who managed to perfectly catch the essence. Besides, «I don’t remember who said it, but here’s the thing…» sounds much worse than «as Nietzsche said…»

To help you find the right path, we’ve chosen ten quotes written by men who lived a remarkable life that can be an example for all of us.

1. John Kennedy

«Man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of the difficulties and dangers, and it is the basis of all human morality».

To do what is right is not always easy, but the best of us understand their duty and perform it. To be moral is hard and not everyone succeeds, sometimes we all make mistakes, but we must strive to high. Quote applies not only to those who decide the foreign policy and economic issues, but all of us, even when we perform our daily activities. Do what is right, and don’t look back. Pure consciousness is often underestimated.

2. Chuck Norris

«Men are like steel. When you lose hardened, then break».

Chuck Norris was the epitome of severity from pop culture, and his point of view, you can bring the whole ethical system. This comparison with the metal emphasizes the importance of self-control and how destructive can be a weakness. Norris knows there’s nothing more pathetic than to lose control and stall out in front of everyone. Then all the training and gorgeous muscles will lose meaning. Thank you, Sensei.

3. Albert Camus

«After a certain age every man is responsible for his face».

Quote from the last finished novel writer «the Fall» which says the main character Jean Baptiste Clamence, criticizes society and himself and realizes that existence is nothing more than a farce. We are all products of our past, who we are is a reflection of our past deeds. When you reach the age in question, you will be much nicer to be proud of the selection made and the actions and responsibility for them. Although, he made a mistake is always Botox.

4. Theodore Roosevelt

«Most of the work entrusted to the one who shows the ability to outgrow small».

The long and arduous journey to the top, but you need to try starting from the bottom. Who doesn’t reaches, he thinks his business will go better if you give him a raise, but he is deceiving himself. Can you think about yourself as you like well, I’m not going to make you work better and there is nothing to prove.

5. George Washington

«Only some stand the test of high price.»

Cynical quote of an American President, not without some insight. All can be bought, but only some of them ask for too high a price to stay is not purchased. In the same sentence is just two of the lesson. First, principles should always be the priority over the material equivalent. Second, if it’s a million dollars, ask for cash up front.

6. Oscar Wilde

«Friendship between a man and a woman is a thing impossible; between them can be a passion, enmity, worship, love, but not friendship.»

This quote is as old as the world. A Platonic relationship between a man and a woman is not and can not be. Usually one wants to have sex with another — more man to woman than Vice versa. Moreover, this truth men are much more willing to admit and more often than women. Remember this. Going to the movies and cafes means to you each, for it can be something completely different.

7. Machiavelli

«Truly the passion for conquest — it is natural and normal».

We are told from childhood that the main thing — not victory, and participation; that we must all be friends; what better a bad peace than a good quarrel. However, the conflict of interest is normal, which is nothing to be ashamed of or avoided. The desire to subdue others and gain inherent in human nature. Don’t be shy of the competition — shame the shame.

8. Plato

«When they say bad about you, live so that no one believed them».

To criticize you and the parents, and wife, and children, and colleagues. In the end, it is better than to withdraw into themselves and to live in accordance with what’s right for you. Plato is a wonderful example for all. Western philosophy would not have existed if all the critics received an answer to his words.

9. Napoleon

«There’s only one thief, which does not concern the law, and he’s stealing from men is the most valuable thing: time.»

If you’re trying to achieve world domination or just to travel, know that the main enemy of your plans is time. Life is short and unpredictable, and you have only a small temporary window to implement the plans. Constant procrastination and indecision — but who robs you. Enough to put off for tomorrow — take action!

10. Bob Dylan

«Man is happy if in the interval between waking and bedtime, he can do whatever he wants».

You should do what made you happy. Cliche, but life has proven that it is correct. Perhaps this lesson will not make you rich, but it’s still better than every day to go to work on battle. If you like to bake bread, if the Baker is your calling. If you love to travel and play the guitar as a pop culture icon, such employment will go, too.

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