Quick and tasty food on the grill

It’s the middle of November, and we walk around town in t-shirts — envy, a resident of the North, we have a summer here and not going away. The heat is so much that we decided to get outside your own grill and prepare a few dishes fast: simple yet very hearty meal that everyone can do. Separately say that we did all this vegetable-butcher magic gas grill the Napoleon TravelQ™-285X, which is waiting for its next roasting, yet are warm days. However, and we are not afraid of cold weather, when you want something fried with the smell of smoke. We took this grill because it is compact, mobile, reliable (canadian manufacturer) and the most functional. Fry it can be an indirect method (place the food far away from the burners for even baking), and direct, to get crispy and roasted food. In General, down with the retreat — in front of you waiting for recipes from manygoodtips.com.

1. Hot dog

We bought cool sausages for a crowd of 15 people and took the good bread — buns for hot dogs can be more important than themselves sausages, bear this in mind. The inside of the hot dog filled with vegetables and sauces is a classic, from her nowhere to hide and not escape, but it turned out perfectly. However, not for the guy who got the gift of a hot dog drenched in mustard.


— the long sausage (take such that they were able to fill an entire length of the rolls);

— buns for hot dogs (the longer the better — we do a hot dog for himself, hungry men and women, not to eat the children);

— BBQ sauce (do not worry about cooking, you can have «BBQ» from Calve, or Heinz);

— mustard (better take really burns);

— mayonnaise;

green onions;

— cabbage, red (purple);

— cabbage.


1. First, turn on the grill, let it heat up. Make an incision on each sausage and fry. Prepare a direct method (directly over fire).

2. Start immediately chop the onion, cabbage and red cabbage Beijing. Onions take less cabbage more, it gives juiciness. But leave a few whole leaves of Chinese cabbage — we need them.

3. All chopped vegetables put in a separate bowl, pour mayonnaise (don’t overdo it: if lots of vegetables, two tablespoons of mayonnaise is enough) and mustard (its flavor should be noticeable, so the number depends on the quality of a particular mustard, we had the tablespoon).

4. By this time your sausage can already begin to burn. The trick is that they really were fried, but had not reached black, so occasionally watch them. When they are well browned, put them aside from the fire to the side and diminish the flow of gas to a minimum. No need to remove them, otherwise they will quickly get cold, but we still have rolls to fill.

5. About the rolls. You can also lightly fry on the grill — it will have to spread them with butter. But if you don’t want to spend too much time to cook, then listen to the sequence of «bookmarks» hot dog: the first is a cabbage leaf, then a whole mess of vegetables, mustard and mayonnaise, followed by the hot dog. Pour the BBQ sauce and two hot dogs you can really overeat.

2. Kebab

It was soared — bought chilled kebabs that can send frying. But there are a couple of things to look for when choosing a kebab grill. Now tell.


— kebab;

— soy sauce (optional);



1. It is better to buy chilled kebabs, but you have to be sure that they are beautiful and fresh. But if you have no access to meat stores and is, for example, «Magnet» angle, then take the frozen kebabs is a semi — finished products, but they are better than nothing.

2. Well pepper. Bring the grill temperature to 200 degrees and grab the lyulya kebabs around the perimeter of the grid. Close the lid and wait.

3. Unlike charcoal grill, gas grills can quickly cool off if you constantly test readiness, so a beginner can carry the grill for a few hours. Besides, kebap requires a special approach: it fry both sides, and four. Therefore, you need exactly four times to open the cover to exactly four times to turn the meat. Make sure the roasting was evenly, otherwise the kebabs will turn out tasteless.

3. Vegetables

Here is an important point, which we found out by experience. If you’re going to cook vegetables, cook them first — don’t let the will of the stomach that requires meat. Grill grate after cooking meat instantly soiled with fat which then will have to clear in order to properly cook the vegetables. This is true for compact grills where the cooking surface allows you to simultaneously cook meat and vegetables for a large company.


— soy sauce;

— mushrooms;

— sweet peppers;

— courgettes (zucchini);

— tomatoes

— salt and pepper.


1. First of all you must choose the right vegetables, especially if you want to fry them all together, not separately. Try to pick up all the vegetables the same size, pay special attention to fungi.

2. Pepper cut in half, pulling all this «vegetable offal», which is called seeds. Zucchini cut in large rings with a thickness of 1 centimeter is important, squash better than others to withstand the heat of the grill. Cut the tomatoes in half, shred them is not necessary, otherwise all the juice will flow out.

3. Put all the vegetables on the grill, salt (optional if using soy sauce) and pepper.

4. Just ten minutes to all the vegetables were roasted as necessary. Turn as many times as necessary for even roasting.

5. Cooked vegetables if desired, drizzle with soy sauce.

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