Questions that you’ll never know the answers

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2016_cEyl6PQj6caVuSibyl, the Greek soothsayer, which is so ambiguous attitude of the first Christian rulers of Rome, knew everything. The Romans were guided by their predictions. Not only ordinary citizens, but people of high income, high status. And remember Dumetella with «Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy». The robot knew the answer to the most important question in the universe, thousands of years were not in vain – the answer is 42. But we are not the best computers in the galaxy and not even the prophets of antiquity. Frankly, we are even about tomorrow do not know what to say about the major issues?

Want to save you time, opening my eyes to the fact that you know a little, and some searches will never succeed. You need to learn to accept your ignorance and move on. So on what questions you can’t answer? Let us examine them.

1. What will happen tomorrow?

Let’s start with the most important question that you supposedly know the answer. The problem is that we don’t see the future and never be able to see him. We only have to assume, but our assumptions are divided on random factors, which appear in accordance with the logic of the universe, but not the person. Nature doesn’t care about what you want to do a run this morning – she’s throwing you a hail, and then flood water your yard. A car racing at speeds of 100 km/h, doesn’t know you’re late for work and cross the road in the wrong place – he’s normal size. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, because the universe doesn’t revolve around us, we just its components.

2. Which is better, «Coca-Cola» or «coke zero»?

We do not burn alcohol your taste buds and perfectly able to distinguish Pepsi from «When», but «Coke» from «When zero» – no. It seems that they pour the same drink, changing labels. As we come to the idea that «zero» tastes more diluted, but again, no blind testing to no avail. Perhaps you will argue otherwise and do not agree with us, but we can’t answer the question of what did the drink taste better – they are identical.

3. Does God exist?

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2016_f6ThBTcmm6juJThe gods kept at the expense of human myth-making, construction of complex structures, which justify the divine. It seems it is time to join the atheists, because every time these designs suffer defeat, and with each passing year, the universe becomes more clear, but full understanding is still very far away. However, even if it comes, God is not going anywhere. We will never be able to find a refutation or proof of the divine, for this substance, first of all, is in our heads.

4. Will it have a «Half Life 3»?

Gabe Newell, a cult figure in the gaming world and the founder of the company «Valve», still keeps silent about this. He does not refut nor confirm the rumors that every year, float to the surface as soon as approaching another mass crowd of gamers. Ten years have passed since the announcement, but we never saw anything concrete. It’s time to finally close this issue, because Gabe himself, apparently, does not know the answer.

5. How to raise children that they have grown good people?

How do you know? Because you never brought them. Besides, the first pancake is always lumpy, that’s okay. However, not much rely on education, unless it played a significant role in your life? The environment – that affects more. Friends, school, College, work, and childhood passes quickly and is quickly forgotten. There are parents, that upbringing, and a man still grows a good business and self-sufficient. There are those who train your child, do not leave a minute of free time, and get tortured to the point of absurdity alcoholic that weighs on the neck and peel doesn’t. In General, there are many individual factors that do not depend on methods of education.

6. What would happen if…

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2016_QiVboK2IReSNIIf the Germans had won, Yeltsin was not born, and everything else, the dinosaurs continued to stomp this earth? You know, no need to dream – we about it know nothing. It is foolish to use your imagination as evidence to dispute on historical, political or Triassic theme. Leave it to the science fiction, and themselves go further.

7. Can you trust him/her?

Trust is an interesting thing that is not working. Much better when you rely on a real business man, not on feelings that can deceive you at the most inopportune moment. Remember how many loved ones lied to you. Deceived a hundred times, for sure, so people arranged. However, we still ask myself this question: can I trust this person? Because they do not always possess the necessary information to verify your relationship to it. It turns out that we rely on luck, nothing more. Be careful.

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