Questions that you should not put a girl with a tattoo

Dude, in recent times tattoos have become commonplace for some is a great way of expression. We can say that today the decoration of the body surface in various motifs – a separate art form.

But there is a certain type of people for whom this is something unnatural and primatesta. If you are insensitive to the sprats, who do not know how to communicate with tattooed friends, read each item carefully. Do you never ask such a question? collection of the most ridiculous phrase you can apply to the tattooed ladies.

1. It’s real?

Dude, are you serious? Just say it one more time this legendary question aloud. Sounds so stupid, like a tattoo looks like a sticker of bubble gum «Malabar». Of course, in return you will receive: a) condescending opinion; b) a dry «Yes»; a) kick in the ass (underline).

2. Can I touch it?


Usually, this brilliant phrase comes after the previous one. But, damn, how often do you say it in communication with other people? Like, «Oh, lovely Breasts, can I touch it?» Well, okay, there may still be. Even if you’re terribly Horny tattoo girlfriend and want to touch it, ask about it is not worth it. And a stranger does not want such inappropriate touching, pay attention!

3. Is it painful?


Classic. What the answer is at this moment waiting for? «No, the feeling can be compared to tickling with a feather and butterfly kisses at the same time» – so what? Or: «So, I almost died! Thank you for reminding me!» Anyway, the answer to this question will make you feel that you are the intergalactic king of fools.

4. What does it mean?


After such a question the girl rolls her eyes like Robert Downey Jr. in the famous meme, and my mind says: «fuck, another one!» Dude, open you a terrible secret: the tattoo is not supposed to mean something. Rather, let this be just a pretty picture. And just not worth it to «finish» the friend with the phrase: «How so? Just like? BUT IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!»

5. Want to do a tattoo, what do you think is better?


If you ask this question to your girlfriend is a certain degree of confidence and expectations of good advice. But how can I ask my strangers?! Do what you want, it’s your body, your life! And one more question-copula, the following here: «what master did you make this tattoo? Have his number?» Yes, dude, keep digging yourself in this semblance of a sincere interest and brilliant pickup.

6. You’re doing a tattoo?


How did you even get this logic circuit: she has a tattoo, so she is a tattoo artist? Dude, you’re eating bread, so you’re a Baker? It is unlikely that a friend will flatter your silly assumption.

7. How long did it take you? And how much did it cost? RIGHT? The idea is that after this girl needs to get the catalogue and kindly show you the sketch, the cost and duration of the work for which she paid. But, dude, you really care about these issues, or you just don’t know how to talk?

8. How it will look when you’re old?


So, I hooked two forbidden topics, well done! Remember, at least on simple rules of etiquette, which do not welcome such discussion. Anyway, all depends on the person: someone 30 wants to retire, and someone in 80 flips. Anyway, the appearance of Tatu friend a couple of years no concern of yours.

9. How do you get a normal job?


So, dude, be careful! What do you mean by a normal job? Who told you that a candidate with a good resume and skills will not take because of the pattern on the body? Today, many young people with tattoos in visible places (neck, hands) without any problems find work. It would wish.

10. You have tattoos on intimate places?


This is too much. This phrase sounds like it says a maniac in a dark alley. And thrown casually: «Want to see mine?» – just the height of perversion. Probably the friend will want to immediately terminate your use of the awkward communication. Well, or pluck off all of your clothes and will long be considered. Then you can assume that you found each other!

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