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I shall warn that the case is heavy. In General, somewhere in the middle of August I was outdoors with a beautiful girl. She was perfect in every way: face, chest, tight ass. I looked and looked at her, I couldn’t look away from his girlfriend and could not believe that this ideal, as she agreed to go with me in a hole. Some time passed while I admired her round, as suddenly, lo and BEHOLD, and stunning low back with two characteristic pits in front of booty, sits a mosquito. I, without hesitation, killed it on that my girlfriend back and kissing me, said, «What did you do? He’s hurt! You killed him!» Since then I have not let one question: «was it hurt a mosquito? Whether insects feel pain?»


All the good for you dude! And thank you for such a serious question the answer to which may save someone’s life.

First you need to understand what pain is. Of course, we’re not talking about the emotional pain of a mosquito, and it is unlikely it has one. Mosquito mosquito family in the house are not left without their breadwinner. Social relationships and understanding emotional, existential pain in insects and in particular mosquitoes absent. That’s good, because now you can not worry that someone from the mosquito family is suffering and misses you brutally killed the mosquito.

But there was physical pain at the time of this inhuman murder? Let’s deal. Pain, as you must know, this is a purely evolutionary tool, and people should be glad that nature has endowed him with a feeling of pain, otherwise he would simply not survive in this world. You could even say that the pain is a major component of the protective system of the body. Our sensitivity to pain is associated with sensory nerves of the peripheral nervous system and Autonomous nerves, the autonomic system. Some parts of our body are more sensitive, some less. Moreover, the pain is different from person to person. Everyone has their own pain threshold. And it is connected mostly with the subjective characteristics of the human psyche. But even such evolutionary tool, such as pain, may not be ideal. In some cases, playing a certain explanatory role, pain itself becomes part of the pathological process, the more dangerous than of tissue damage.


In General, you must understand that in order to feel pain, the body needs to have a developed nervous system. And if in mammals and other large organisms, we are sure, insects are much easier. The nervous system of a mosquito is, it consists of a pair of longitudinal nerve trunks, which run parallel to each other along the ventral surface of the abdomen and chest, in the head of the nerve trunks are separated and are already connected on the throat, forming large brain. They also have things like ganglia – ganglia, which are located in the abdomen and each segment of the breast. Ganglia diverge from the nerves to all organs.

But do not rush to blame themselves for the ominous murder of defenseless creatures. Despite the presence of the nervous system, mosquitoes have no pain receptors. Also the nervous system of a mosquito is rather primitive, and the brain of an insect is generally poor. And here again we return to the concept of pain. If we argue that pain is what we understand by this word literally, then of course the mosquito can’t feel her. He may perceive some external stimuli, but hardly aware of them. And even more, the mosquito is not able to quickly make them feel when death overtakes him for a split second.

So your conscience should be clean. I hope helped you with your problem.

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