Quality diet to improve the results

Don’t forget that proper nutrition along with exercise gives great results, not only physical activity and proper nutrition. One should logically complement each other! So today, for beginners and those who are a little versed in proper nutrition, we will talk about the products that you want to include in your diet and which to exclude. Some guys have removed from your diet sweets, bread and pizza, but for some reason my muscles are growing and weight is staying the same mark, or even growing. What to do? This is the common troubles of dudes who had heard about proper nutrition. Today it is time to include in our diet some new food, in addition to kuroguwai, buckwheat and cheese. By the way, are you seriously eating only kuroguwai?

The right sources of protein

1. Eggs — a smart source of protein. For mass, it is recommended to eat six protein and two eggs.

2. Skinless chicken breast is inexpensive, high-quality protein; a staple in every diet.

3. Turkey breast — a little more expensive than chicken breast. The difference is not so obvious. Cooked a little longer if you put it in Greek yogurt or sour cream with low fat content, generally a fairy tale!

4. Beef Steak is a great source of protein. Has more fat than chicken, but fat is good. If you learn how to roast the freshest steak in a dry frying pan, you can live like a king.

5. Fillet of halibut — also a great source of protein. Fry in a skillet without oil or extinguished. Can and cook.

6. Flounder — inexpensive lean fish.

7. Cod — inexpensive lean fish.

8. Salmon is a great source of healthy fat and protein.

9. Canned tuna is a great food for those who want to gain weight. It should not be misused: canned a lot of salt, which retains water.

10. Lean beef mince is a great alternative to any other meat. Importantly, the meat was pure beef. If there is pasta you can make a quality food.

11. Cottage cheese — slow protein. Great, something to catch for long periods between meals and great food three hours before bedtime.

12. Pork tenderloin is an inexpensive protein. Concerning.

What would there not talking vegetarians, and beef steak and coregrid is the best sources of protein that you can think of. If you see a vegetarian in good shape, who says he doesn’t eat meat, know that either drinks a protein, or lying.

Protein to be avoided

Was surprised to find that my good friend enthusiastically eats nuggets McDuck, as he believes that they are the source of protein. You can’t do that!

1. Chicken skin — the presence of fat, is not good.

2. The chicken — the bread crumbs adds simple carbs that you don’t need.

3. Bacon — too fatty, but so delicious.

4. Fat is a solid fat. Americans are horrified by what we eat.

5. Fatty beef — too much fat is not needed.

6. The stuffing is «home» (beef and pork) — excess fat in the fatty pork, which we don’t need.

Good sources of carbohydrates

1. Oatmeal is the best thing. You can buy anywhere, just brewed, only if not to disturb the brew, will stick like hell. A great example of slow carbs.

2. Fruit — an excellent source of glucose and other sugars. There are a lot of them are not recommended, carbohydrates still.

3. Sweet potatoes — a product that now sing odes of gratitude to all American fitness magazines. Served boiled meat. Don’t know how feasible it is to find in Russia.

4. Vegetables product fruits. From the fruit can really be thick and the vegetables have useful fiber.

5. Brown rice is the main product among carbohydrates digest more slowly.

6. White rice is a source of fast carbohydrates. You need to use someone who’s willing to grow a lot, but be careful: you can eat too much get fat and clog the intestines.

7. Bread with bran — excellent substitute for the usual white bread. If the person is not able to give up bad bread in which there is nothing useful for processing of grain (and cling to him only because of the traditional rules), it is possible to try to eat more wholesome bread.

Bad carbs

1. A mixture of grain for cooking cereals are going to load with sugar and fruit. This is especially true of fast cereals.

2. Candy — sucrose are not good carbohydrate, and most importantly — fast.

3. Chips, sugar, salt… needless to say, why are they bad?

4. Ice cream has too much sugar.

5. Sugary drinks — the same garbage.

6. Any juice — most often, the juice is restored. If it is the juice of direct extraction, the storage has lost its positive qualities.

Good sources of fat

1. Olive oil is a great source of fats. Is added to food.

2. Fish oil.

3. Almonds — great source of fat and small amounts of protein.

4. Walnuts — a rich source of fat and small amounts of protein.

5. Cashews are a rich source of fat and small amounts of protein.

6. Avocados — healthy fat source.

Bad fats

1. Deep-fried anything — even if it looks harmless, but just stay away from such foods if you intend to lose weight or gain quality mass.

2. Butter and margarine — unhealthy additive to bread. Instead, a drip of olive oil.

3. Palm oil, coconut oil according to recent reports, not the best source of fat. Regarding coconut, I don’t think so, but still not abused.

As you can see, the list is not the easiest and virtually every dude who decided to take on your body, pull these products. The main thing not to break, and to arrange the days of George once a week.

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