Puzzles that will drive you crazy

The famous Kamo-Dargin said that «idleness is the Devil’s plaything». We officially declare that everything listed below is the toy of the Devil, and the creators of these fun – shaped sadists. We demand to equate these puzzles weapons of mass destruction because you can spend entire hours trying to assemble them correctly. It’s harder than to watch from beginning to end Benefis Lyon Izmailov. However, nearly impossible to put down.

This real men puzzle, with this men’s material (metal). Collect them at home, on the street, in transport – they are comfortable. And heavy, in which case you scare the bullies. But apart from beauty and quality, they are distinguished by extraordinary amusement and complexity. This can give the hated enemy to drive you crazy and to deprive of nerve harmony. To assemble the puzzle quickly can only geniuses or complete idiots, because they are always lucky. But when you find her, your withered mind will come to enlightenment, you learn iron endurance, as Marshal Zhukov, and think logically, like benny gates. The real test for urban samurai. So, look, what is this passion.


This puzzle was invented by canadian inventor Oscar. Like the name Oscar, nobody knows, in fact, no one knows how this nut to collect. It is believed that the Creator himself doesn’t know, and no this is not a game, but just a weird nut. We spent 3 days! 3 fucking days! In the end we have a crazy 3 employees, and the authors have a revaluation of values, and now we want to write tips for weight loss and the deeds of the righteous sons of God. Sorry to know that you, a grown man, crying out of desperation just because some nut has made you.

It would seem that the nut and washer. When we first saw, was overjoyed. A good die-cast metal and looks beautiful. And when I took it, we was the Ghost of wasted time and told her that he was actually built… But he needed it for 34 years.

And it is necessary only to disassemble the bolt, remove the little nut and change the order of syllables nut-case on the bolt in case the nut. Without keywords is not enough, here is «relationship». However, it is unlikely you will help. In any case, you will not know how this hint to apply to the nut.


Someone using the name, might think that the essence of this puzzle is to understand that publicity and promotion of slag that pours upon us in the news, and choose from the pile of «right» to be more truthful. However, everything is much easier or rather more difficult. It is much more difficult. If watching the news, you can guess where the truth and fiction, here it takes 9 cat lives 3 life sentences and a bucket of nerves.

Created this diabolical fun young Japanese designer when he was 19 years old. About the design to say anything will not, it will give the answer to its solution. So let us not offend spoilertastic. Although the designer himself, when he cynically and soldering irons once again questioned did not understand the fans, there is something to be said about the needle.

Such annotation can be intimidating, so you go to, explain the essence of the puzzle. At first glance it seems that this whole structure is similar to the old box, but it consists of 2 parts, should be divided into two parts and assembled in its original position. And if you still do not understand that note, we emphasize: to collect it is more difficult than to understand female nature. The longer you Tinker with it, the more miserable and seem futile your attempts.


If the previous puzzle will lead you to despair, nervous breakdown and existential crisis of the individual, that in case of victory over the intricacies can serve as a support for coffee. The author advises to use it for this purpose. We suggest as a base for a vodka, because after the first three hundred pathetic attempts to collect the puzzle of unbearable want to drink.

Developed it master Ukrainian Serhiy Grabarchuk from Uzhgorod. Apparently, in order to transform the world into something that resembles the picture «12 monkeys». Someone will say that looks to break the girly and reminiscent of gomicheskie chain «Argo», or Celtic runes, or a braid of Yulia Tymoshenko. By the way, the analogy with women’s hairstyle can be a clue. So disassemble it and try.

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