Putin is not only President, but great fast food

There is nothing more traditional to modern Russian people, the appeal of the President on the First channel. The year was hard, but we coped with all the problems, and a ton of optimism to boot. Thinning the tables and empty cans of caviar does not count. And what about the bad when there is always the possibility to replace rich meals to something more simple but no less delicious.Today we have carbon monoxide poisoning in Canada, particularly in Quebec, where people feed on Putin every day, because it is their national dish. It seems to us that this is a relevant dish for new year’s weeks. Putin is never too much, although you can eat one because it’s fast food with all the consequences: fat content, caloric content, nutritional value and potatoes. Came up with this cruelty in the mid-twentieth century, although versions of the origin of the whole 4. But every story, of course, tied to one of the restaurants of Central Quebec, where they lived greedy for food French. Created this dish by accident, we do not know. But we know that she is damn tasty, although useful it is not enough.

In every canadian restaurant you will tell about your right Putin (accent on the second syllable). In addition, fast food has never been cal cook something with ingredients you can turn as you want. In General, down the entry, and go into the kitchen, dude.



– 2 kg of potatoes;

– a quarter Cup of flour;

– 3 tablespoons of butter;

– 2 cloves finely chopped garlic;

– 2 onions finely chopped (traditionally used shallots);

– 4-5 cups beef broth;

– 3 tablespoons of tomato ketchup;

– 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar;

– Worcestershire sauce (to taste, I added 1-2 teaspoons);

cheese, lots of cheese, two cups grated cheese of any origin (only solid);

– salt, pepper;

– oil for frying.


1. Throw everything in a pan butter, heat it on medium heat and add the flour. Stir thoroughly to a homogeneous mass.

2. First add the chopped garlic and the chopped onion. Fry for two minutes. After pouring the broth and put the following ingredients: ketchup, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce. Carefully stir everything up and wait when the mixture thickens. Five minutes is enough. Finished? Well done, you made sauce.

3. Then we cut potatoes. Not small, and «rustic». So we cut it in the recipe for fish and chips. Put potatoes on paper towels – even a little dry.

4. Meanwhile, fill the pan (it needs to be deep) oil for frying. Too much oil is not necessary, it’s still not quite fries, but small portions, you will not do. Add the potatoes and stir so that the oil covered every piece from all sides. Fry until slightly brown.

5. Drain off the excess oil with our «rustic» potato and pour the sauce. The final touch is two cups of cheese. Just pour on top of a large piece that was fatty and delicious.

As you can see, to make Putin not as difficult as it seems.

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