«Put me in jail. I’m tired of Xbox»

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This funny incident happened in New Zealand. 19-year-old boy wrote a complaint to the police request immediately put him in jail for a month. Why? Why? The fact that our hero which for unknown offenses is serving 11 months of house arrest and it is a passion as tired, because all he had to entertain themselves was presented by Xbox with a scattering of toys. The guy who wanted to remain nameless, said that he had exhausted my stock of games on the Xbox and would prefer instead to serve the sentence (quote) «in a dark cell with other guys, than to shoot one of the rebels dead!» But-but-but, dude, what is this strange desire such: the dark chamber, the other guys? It seems that not all right with our boy, if he is a real man’s Xbox is no longer cute! Would be better if Skyrim took place or a new Bioshock, I swear, it’s you, mommy, concerned with selection of games for the kid?

Although playing the whole day long can also be boring, so why read a book? In short, it is not clear everything!

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