Push the gas all the way, it’s time for classic Muscle car

Muscle cars (Muscle car) American cars, most of two-door sports coupes with powerful V8 engine and rear wheel drive. Conducted muscle cars in the 60-70-ies and was affordable to almost everyone, because in the United States at that time was the rise of the economy. Dude don’t sweat about fuel consumption because gas was cheap. All they needed was more power.

Manufacturers began to increase the power of the engines of production cars. The most powerful model reached the engine capacity of 7-8 litres and capacity of 450 horsepower. It is because of such unprecedented power these cars are called muscle cars.

The principle of muscle cars like the principle of hot delivery (Hot rod), when a small car is placed a large and powerful engine to develop the maximum speed on a straight stretch of road.

The era of muscle cars came to an end when, in early 1970 in the US, a law that sets the standards of CO2 emissions for cars.

Octane 100 octane gasoline used by a majority of muscle cars, was reduced to 91. OPEC imposed an embargo on the import of oil and gasoline prices increased dramatically. The insurance company decided to increase their income, and automobile insurance has become dependent on engine power.

Muscle cars became inaccessible for many people and the number of sales began to fall significantly, and the powerful engines ceased to produce. Part of the model was removed from production and some have become luxury cars.

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