Purely Russian habit

Each nation has its own unique troubles. They are often incomprehensible to foreigners and seem strange to the youth. But without them anywhere. And all what follows is only a fraction of the habits of the Russian people.

Sit down on the track

We have a tradition to sit down on the track, but there is no tradition to clean up after themselves.

– A funny joke, ahahahaha, lol –Going on the road, near or distant, when the bags have been collected and Packed bags, we pause and sit minute 3 seconds in languid silence, and think about its about the endless wheat fields of the Russian mighty cedars, that I forgot to cut the nails whether all collected, and when the cab will arrive. Sit down, even if late. In olden times, the track was getting to all sorts of malevolent spirits home did not stick to the host and did not spoil him alcometer in Thailand. Now the seat has a practical use: it can be easy to take a breath after the traditional duties «in the last moment.»

S legkim parom

Not only for foreigners but also for many local residents going to the sauna is not just a test of endurance as a feat. Even Swarna and Gollum, who had been in the hot lava, rocky, beaten Ivan Drago in the ring, not suffered all that was suffered by bathers. Therefore, since ancient times, bathers wanted to «light steam», which is not tired like heavy, but on the contrary, invigorated. So prehistoric program of Michael Evdokimova is not to blame. However, to the bath we go dozens, and perhaps, that wishes to spread to all washed in the shower. Even in the famous for its saunas Suomi congratulate with the end of the wash. And we welcome. Foreigners will think: «Probably, they have a high mortality rate during showering». They would not understand the breadth of the Russian soul, because we do not feed bread – give the man something good to wish.

The diversity of applications

Many foreigners are surprised by the variety of applications that prevails in the Russian language. Unlike the English gentlemen and Sarah, Mr. and missish, don and Dona, we certain non-personal appeals no. Were the Lord and lady, but the Soviet authorities explained that the «gentlemen» live in Paris. Proud «labour red banner» treatment «comrade» was not popular among ordinary people even in the Soviet years. So we have a solid «young people», «girls», «women» and «men». Think of anything, call the people in accordance with who they are… and how they look. So-called nasty rough from the climax of the Secretary in the passport office «girl» to keep him sweet.

Birthday without you

The Russian people need a reason to gather, drink and eat. The reason is – already well, and the reason may not even be present at the event. Therefore, your aunt, grandparents and friends of parents were gathered around the table and celebrated your birthday, even if you was not at home. This has always been standard, time-tested scheme of eating.

Feast without dessert is

The scheme is simple: first uratsakidogi, and then drink tea with cake, which will not go anywhere. Then the cake or stale in the refrigerator, or distributed to relatives in a neat package of foil. This is the sacred method, tradition, which no one ever dared to violate. Say, if to break it, gray snow Wake up a ferocious black dog with three legs and sweep through the world bringing chaos and confusion. It seems like the Revolution only happened because the family of His Imperial Majesty, the cake is not cooked.

Eating a lot does not happen

By the way, another indisputable gastronomic tradition, any excuse, any occasion to accompany a large amount of food, mayonnaise, and alcohol. Because uncle Vanya likes «herring under a fur coat», but it can not hurt. Food must be much to eat it was impossible. Looking for a luxury table aunt Lucy, Michelin restaurateurs faint: they are for the whole year such amounts are not prepared. The reason is simple: it is better to prepare, then to a whole week to eat all the tasty food, because food always tastes better in a holiday.

But I have to admit that this is characteristic mainly of the older generation.


Mysterious Russian perhaps, the unfortunate and long-suffering. He still endures under the yoke of the Titanic relieved of his duties and assignments? And often it helped. Not only Russians like to do things carelessly, in the hope that blow over, but not every nation for this is so mysterious and beautiful definition.

Jokes and toasts

Sacred duty of every Russian man over the age of 30 to tell as many anecdotes and funny toasts to the subject sites. It’s an integral witness to the eloquence, so no one is surprised interrupted by the unfunny joke of the conversation.

Another thing is toast. In different cultures there is a short toast, dedicated to luck and health. In Russia they are only part of the story. A toast can last for hours. During this time, be sure to upominaetsja biography dostoinogo with a detailed review of the most juicy moments, remember the relatives and friends and their role in human life. During the toast will get stuck a few people and start up a loud conversation interrupted by an offended yell: «Quiet, let me finish!» and then the climax, witty, funny and not without zest. And no one can interrupt the solemn flow of the speeches – only wife – phrase: «nick, what are you so boring, hurry up». Toast is an art.

New Year

If in another world decorate «the Christmas tree», we decorate a «new year». And give serious gifts for the New Year, not Christmas, the birthday gifts easier. It’s very simple: Christmas was celebrated not so long ago, and indeed, before Christmas, we have people just come in after a week-long binge.

To blame the Americans

Uncle Bob, chin the old «Java», groans and curses of the damned the Americans for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Aunt Zina scolds Americans for the excesses of things happening around. The young patriot Edgard scolds Americans for piss entrances, and Ivan Kuzmich says that the bulb is not working and retirement has soared only because all Jews. Blame can be anyone, but definitely someone else.

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