Pumpkin lanterns from the Polish guy Przemyslaw.

Very original method for the manufacture of lamps invented Polish bro named Kamil (Przemek).

First, he pumpkin guts, and then dried in a special way so that the shell is almost stiff. Then, the resulting frame handles so that it gets eaten by insects, and begin a magical transformation. With

Using drills and cutters it covers the gourd with intricate pattern, making one of the original lamps, giving the dark amazing lighting effects.

Przemek self – taught and his first lamp from the pumpkin did in 2009. Since then, he has established his art Studio Calabarte, unique and manufactures its luminaires to order, turning a hobby into a profession. So, dude, you yourself can try to do it.

Each lamp is made in Calabarte, is individual. Second, this is not and never will be, because there are no two identical pumpkins, tells us Captain Obvious.



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