Pulp fiction: the detective read at night

Once the detective was considered extremely low, unworthy intellectuals reading. Times have changed, as the detectives themselves. The classic story about «the murderer is the gardener» became a motlier, and littered the shelves among Darcovich and Ustinov, is not so easy to find something worthwhile. And we found. These four are typical of the condition and diversity of the «criminal» of the genre nowadays.

«The Thing», Mickey Spillane

Mickey Spillane is the author of such American investigators, who added to his novel a hefty dose of rudeness and overt eroticism. Raymond Chandler called his works «a mixture of violence and outright pornography», apparently, jealous of the author’s ability to weave detailed and colorful descriptions of scenes in the detective kisses the canvas. His characters, or rather, the main character of a series of 12 books Mike hammer — a stern man that loves beautiful women and rough methods, has become a truly iconic Noir hero: the focused, principled and tired.

Spillan is a Bourbon after a hard day, broken road, the crumpled raincoat, the natural rudeness and things that can’t be investigated without a massacre. It is rough, but accessible language and heroic a brutal character, together with too overt acts of love made his books so popular — everything from professors to interested individual scenes of truckers, I was reading adventures of Hummer. His novels without end filmed (and a few times the hammer was, Spillan), and only the writers continued to hate him, considering that he transformed literature in cheap fiction for anxious.

«The thing» is one of the most successful works Spillane that gives the most complete picture of his work. And here the crunch of broken teeth and stubble crumpled shirts, and intercession for all the orphaned and needy, and knocked fists, and trouble for women. All that, Spillan mesmerizing.

«The guiding light», Carter brown

Carter brown — the personality is truly unique. Throughout his life he wrote to detectives about America and Americans, the realities of American life, despite the fact that he learned about America only from guides and movies. However, it is saturated with Americanisms in English didn’t even mind the Yankees — those willing to read a light, adventurous detectives. Brown and really unobtrusive, it does not attempt to force the reader to think about something complicated and eternal — just gives entertaining read in the vein of the ‘ 60s. Almost James bond for the poor, typical American private detective in action. Only it’s not a Noir and dark type on an old Cadillac from the East coast, it’s a dandy from Sunny California, traveling about the city on the convertible.

However, one gets the impression that in the 60s, detectives wrote only deeply concerned about guys. And the Guiding star: a little the main character meets a girl, immediately begins to drool and imagine what she can do in bed. Well, with some women he, of course, this test fails. But thanks to this you can hear the narrator and his difficult choice: whether to fuck a girl before you put them in jail, or cynically refuse.

While the detective line in the works, brown is very strong. To not fully understand who is the culprit. Maybe that’s why that all are extremely concerned about?

Cycle about father brown, by Gilbert Chesterton

After vysokoorganizovannaja brutal fiction need to read something special that will radically change your view of the genre. «The secret of father brown» is not like any American Noir, nor Prim English investigation in old castles. The book is very unexpected — even spoiled in our information century, after Colombo and Sherlock, the detective can still surprise you. And what’s more, it turns out that the detective may look like the Talmud’s wisdom and a book of aphorisms. And capture no Boobs and pussy! However, after Frank Colombo small, awkward, hard-drawn with his umbrella, sometimes it seems silly the old, easily detangling any case, it does not seem anything out of the ordinary.

How about this situation: all the detective novels first caught the perpetrator, and then figure out what and why he did. It’s not for Moriarty chase. In the adventures of a restless Catholic priest all the detective turns to the language of the narrative. Here even British humor is appropriate.

«Reading the bodies of» Antonio Garrido

Garrido is still a classic to not be named. Still young, let them stew in the pot «recognized talent». His potential is big, so everything is ahead. To see clearly, read this interesting historical mystery China, sun Tzu, and the Chinese, who by their temperament resemble the Spaniards. Sun Tzu — the founder of forensic medicine. But about his life almost nothing is known. This is what the Spanish author is very imaginative, weaving a real person in a fictional detective of the intricacies. The result is a perfect historical Thriller, in which the attentive reader will catch notes of Thriller. Very informative.

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