Work.com.ua_29.09.2014_gDGkD4IcWGA2UOut of habit, we do a couple times advised to start exercises with stretching. But we always emphasize that if you feel discomfort or real pain, it is better to stop and not force yourself. Why many are relying on «old school»? It still different trainers advise to start exercising only after stretching. Let’s discuss in detail the cons of stretching, and that it can be replaced.

Look, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t Koschey and excellent job with the stretching, you have to throw it all out. Just not every guy fits this exercise. No need to abandon the stretch marks, if you do not discomfort, but rather helps to warm up the muscles. But even for you this article will be useful, because you think of other ways to warm-up and training, which you once unfairly forgotten.

Let’s try to understand why you want streamer:

1. Stretching will not prepare you

In fact, stretching does not prepare your body to workout. These exercises reduce the heart rate and stimulates your nervous system to prepare the body for intense training. Stretching before lifting weights can make you weaker and less coordinated during training.

You have to understand that stretching and warming up are two different things.

2. Stretching will not prevent injury

The idea that stretching prevents injury, is almost a fairy tale, dates back to the time when you attended physical education classes in school. Simply put, there are no studies that prove that stretching prevents injuries.

According to a study conducted in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, stretching will prepare your muscles for eccentric loading.

3. You want to sleep

Stretching can make you sleepy. Passive stretching has a calming effect, and it’s not exactly the mood you need for an intense workout, isn’t it?

What to replace

So, if you understand that stretching is not suitable for you, then let’s try to understand what you need to do instead.

Good workout affects the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, muscles, tendons, and even joints and ligaments. In addition, it will sharpen your reaction time, enhance concentration, improve coordination and regulate mental and emotional state. Examples of warm-up, which we have below will help prepare your brain and body to any workout.

You need:

  • 5-10 minutes of aerobic activity (running, Biking);
  • 5 minutes dynamic stretching (swings arms, lunges, warm up the neck);
  • 5 minutes of mental preparation.

Can act on this template.

  • Aerobic activity will prepare your cardiovascular system to physical load.
  • Dynamic stretching will not only prepare your joints and ligaments for exercise that you do during a workout, it will also raise and maintain body temperature.
  • Practice visualization. Mental training will make your exercise more fun and interesting.

Bonus tips on how to prevent injuries before and during workouts:

1. Eat carbs

Glucose is the fuel for your brain. If you don’t eat carbs before a workout or if you ate a few carbs for a long time, then your reaction will suffer. During intense exercise this can lead to injury.

2. A little more about the stretching

Repeat: do not rule stretching if it does not prevent and does not harm. Do these exercises immediately after your workout to cool down or if you do yoga (recently it is very popular even among men).

Your body is different, so look for him personal approach. Do not be lazy!

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