Public utility: how to change reality for themselves

Poradi.s.ua_14.09.2016_bHeGwEHEGOc2yVery soon will open the gates of the infernal elections to the State Duma. Someone has already chosen the party but all vote out of inertia, a lot of people who do not go to a vote. What does this mean? Probably, that in our society there is a serious problem of internal migration. People go into themselves, close their doors, pull on the barbed wire fence and put in the yard the flag of their own country, which is confined to one house, one apartment or one room. This dissociation testifies to the crisis of mass consciousness is a crisis, in turn, affects the General state of Affairs in the country. All these broken roads, garbage outside the window, the lack of cultural life, the inability to find a decent job, the desire to go abroad — the consequence of your antisocial life. It’s your fault that you are surrounded by devastation. It’s your fault that your stairwell smells like pee and the lights across the street are only available on weekends — it is your fault that you’re a loser», and his native city is the focal point of boring people on the planet.Why is this happening? The problem is enshrined in the collective memory, which still remembers times, when we all decided for the state. Someone even cherishes the dream to return is the «great past» when any adult holding an infant, which is harmful to think for themselves. Even claims to the state go, by and large, from the perspective of the child — state is not retained, did not help, did not give money.


We think about the States, how about some Nirvana where all people live in prosperity and freedom. In some sense this is true, but what is the price of this freedom? What is the price of prosperity? We speak without exaggeration — the currency is the urban solidarity and personal responsibility. It is these two components and create a good life in the country.Passion is the key to overall prosperity. If a free man sees a problem in the formed hole in the road, he doesn’t toured it over and over again, lamenting on the rottenness of municipal services — it brings people together and solves this problem through local authorities.

To be socially useful — it means to take responsibility for their lives. Are you ready for this?

Why do something for free

City government is what in Russia at all, especially at the regional level. People are weak, why would they even waste time on some urban problems, when there is a special public service who sit on the payroll and, like, do something. But the reasons for personal actions more than it seems. And not all of them charitable in nature.

Harmony with yourself

Porada.kom.ua_14.09.2016_mBoxJ8mrlBEeoIt is considered that civil society activists — these screaming girls and boys with beards and strip. In fact, civic activism is the position of an adult who is fully experiencing the strength to change something. People who free involved in the community, usually represent a whole person, devoid of all kinds of phobias, like self-doubt, fear of communication and low self-esteem. If you begin to show its position, and even to bring the solution to its logical conclusion, you become more resistant to challenges, which are many in life.

Useful contacts

Around you will meet many active people. They are not slackers and parasites, and people with a solid civil position, people business, not shamelessly hanging out language. It is with this contingent and you must have things that can relate to anything: starting with entertainment and ending with the business.Popularity

If you take part in municipal self-government, or somehow affect the urban order, local media (no matter how flawed they were) instantly interested in your persona. You can interview about your urban projects can tell at a regional site. It may seem that it is a waste of time, but it really is a good capital which you can use in the future, if you have a head on his shoulders. It is possible that the project will grow to the Federal level and then the popularity will start to work on you, bringing a different kind of dividends.


For the city government, a small group of the population that is actively working in the field of improvement and development of the city is a significant core, than the silent majority. If you’re going to show their talents in public Affairs, you will understand that, under certain conditions, you open doors to certain levels of power — you will say the MPs, legislators, mayors and employees of ministries. This, in turn, will give you some baggage of influence, which can be used in the future. Including for the improvement of their own lives.You just make life better

Not only his, but others. Is it not good to leave behind anything? For example, the built-in project, landscaping, or benches, or even landfills, which, in your opinion, is lacking. You have to understand that for every blessing that you see on the street is not a state, and each person who decided to make the city a little better. That is, we are responsible for what looks like the life around us, and the sooner you realize this, the faster will see a very different country — a country in which I would like to raise children.

Change the reality for themselves

The omission of these things leads to a restriction of the freedom of the population. We do not blame the government — it’s her natural reaction to the amorphousness of the urban residents. Power feels the void that is formed in areas that are not interesting to people, and fills that void themselves. Usually turns out very bad. And then of multi-storey houses hear the shouting: «How so, is it possible to listen on the phone?!» «Again banned concert!» «Another fucking legislative initiative!». But what do you expect when they delegated their decision? Own fault, now live with what we have and wait for change. Or start, finally, to change the reality for yourself!

There is such a thing as a «depressed region». Such regions are constantly experiencing the beauty of unemployment, the devastation, terrible investment climate and migration. We noticed that the depressed region and the inactive region with the civilian population — the same. In other words, if you don’t show activity, it shows no. In this regard, the main thing to remember is that you are not alone — everyone is waiting for the spark that will show them how to solve the case. Why don’t you be the spark? Because there is always someone who leads the people.

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