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Entertainment in the resort and tourist towns tend to be quite similar, especially the former Soviet Union. But abroad, this is why some problems were observed, and all the fun they have change very often. And we have people still ride on the bananas.

If you want to do with the original tourist business, we offer you to pay attention to this thing. People love to drink beer, right? But some people love an active way of life, right? And some dudes girlfriend and love both! And why not combine?

This thing is a bike pub. 17 people sit on something like a symbiosis of the bar and multiplayer bike, and pedaling. Ahead sits the steward, who at the same time and the bartender. Those who do not like to pedal, but loves to ride, can sit in the back seat, there’s room for two, don’t need to pedal — just drink the beer myself and think about nothing!

Large barrel at «Korme» of the bike does not perform a decorative function, it can be easy to use: it is filled with the desired drink, which then swings with a pump. Behind the bar can walk one person. In the presence of a built-in radio and four speakers.

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