Psychopaths from social networks

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2015_7wAkE2K0QPCvAHow much time do you spend on social networks? And we’re not talking about those cases when it comes to your business issues. You jump from one page to another, read unknown email unknown people, looking at photos and videos and proudly declare that you don’t watch TV, because we all know that «box» lowers. Well? What kind of pipe flew off and what was spent four hours of your life? But it’s much worse and sadder, if you get to know yourself in the following paragraphs.


Do you keep checking someone’s social network page. From day to day without any real interaction with the object of so much attention. It’s very strange, man.


You post passive-aggressive statuses or photos, often desperately trying to attract the attention of one specific person. But most likely, your news has long been hidden from the news feed.


Or Vice versa, you post inspirational or motivational quotes. Every day, maybe several times a day. Why are you doing this? Most likely, as in the previous case, to show the person, and all others that you are strong in spirit, strong guy who experiencing failure with head held high.


You put the person in the black list, then pull it out through the day and write a message with the text: «hi, how you doing:)». Well, you moron.


You can create a group event on your birthday, and then cancel the night before.


You post statuses, and then delete them after 10 minutes. Why? Because the only person who liked the entry – it’s your mother.


You create a fake account to harass or offend other people.


Right now, you have multiple tabs open with Facebook and Contact. Why the heck?!


Is your dog has its own Instagram. It is often said you on my photos and comment your photos. Someone call the doctor.


Under each posted photo you are not less than twenty hashtags. #likeme #pleaselikeme #lifeforlike


You simply send messages or comments to the person I hate.


Do you defend your wall on Facebook, as the Apple of his eye, because in advance has to see, and then approve (or not) every entry and every photo, which you noted. The enemy will not pass! Like this picture of you old farts trying to light a fire.


Not have time a friend of yours to post as you like. So, you follow his life and you care about what is important for him. Of course, like is the best way to demonstrate support.


You tweet about how you admire some celebrity, and in three minutes begin to «tweet» about the fact that there are more mediocre and soulless cattle than Jason Statham, because your so sincere tweet and found no response. Absolutely normal behavior.


You post a status that put their heart and soul and passion, confessing his love girlfriend started Dating a few weeks ago. During the week, amazed the audience watching a sentimental drama that develops in an unpredictable manner: «You are my happiness»; «Oh my God, I’ll never love again so much #wasted»; «You’re just a whore like all the others…» No, we refuse to believe that among our readers there are such miserable characters. Dude, it’s not about you.


You write on the wall of his girlfriend’s declarations of love when she sits in the next room. And everybody knows that you live together. So! Let the whole world know about your feelings!


Browsing photos where your ex in the arms of a new passion, you comment on the appearance of the guy out loud.


Your avatar a picture of your girl. Just don’t puke.


Your avatar has some weird crap, designed to show all the originality and creativity of your thinking.


Your avatar every other part of your body except the face. Man, you’re as mysterious as Austin powers, international woman of mystery.


You recommend to people to «make friends» with other unfamiliar people from your friend list. Who are these people?! I don’t know any of them!!!


You create a common dialogue in the group, talking with a couple that recently got divorced: «Hey, you guys want to go to the bar tonight?» And you’re not to blame for this awkward situation: if these two were published in time relevant posts and statuses, you wouldn’t be in this mess!


You create a common dialogue in the group of 30 people. «Hey, you guys want to go to the bar tonight?»


You write «don’t like» under statuses or photos of other people. Or even worse: you just write «no.»


Like your photos and write – it’s like jerking off in public. Remember that.


You comment on «after» your new posted status. Edit it for you in mind.


You bought a few dozen followers and once clocked likes. This skeleton will remain forever rot in your closet.


You write that you love their followers and you don’t care about haters. Dude, you have 60 friends in friendlist and obviously delusions of grandeur.


You put a status that supposedly are in a relationship. All the questions about who the lucky lady, only to mysteriously keep silent or put meaningful smiles.


Did you get a picture in photoshop, where on the cover of Forbes magazine under the headline «the real lives of Real dudes» you’re shaking hands with gates.


You go to the Mall, taking pictures in the clothes that can’t afford to write: «I Bet you want me baby?» Trust me, any normal baby wants to unsee.


You ask your girlfriend to removed from friends of the guy you don’t like. Ugh… now the threat has passed. You do not hold.


You snaps your fucking phone and check messages while watching the film. You’re the one person in the theater words: «Please turn off Your phones and be polite to others». GET out!


You crashed into a lamppost on the street, checking the number of likes for a new post.


And if at some point you found out yourself, the time at leisure to clean its wall and to think seriously about their behavior, «contact» nerd.

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