Psoy Korolenko

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2015_cT90gAkQG1JDwDo you know who Psoy Korolenko? This monumental personality! A former Professor of Philology who sings his unique songs with very good lyrics and unique music at the junction of at least hundreds of genres. It is as Osho from music. They not only look alike, but both are the world’s wisdom. But each in his own way. Just recently, your humble servant was lucky to interview him.

When you go to interview such a person involuntarily starts shaking. First, it is impossible to predict how a conversation going with a person whose head is mixed up gigabytes of knowledge, wisdom and a huge Cam. Still, Psoy Korolenko (in the world Pavel lion) is a person well, very creative. And yet it was scary that this person will crush you with his wit, as it was in some other interview. But all went well.

We agreed to meet one hour before the concert in Krasnodar. Maestro looked incredibly tired (still – only an hour ago arrived from Taganrog, where he gave a concert, and tonight – in Rostov), but nevertheless very pleased. As expected, the person he was very intelligent, with a great sense of humor. We were talking in the room, which resembled not the rest room, not the dressing room, not the warehouse. On the table adorned with an inverted stack, the carafe with the «white» and plain salad. After exchanging pleasantries, we began a conversation, during which Maestro did a lot of teasing, ironic, intelligent teasing of the interviewer, shared their wisdom and according to an old tradition answered with a question. In General, the mentally spoke.

Probably the most common question before any interview: how can You go? Psoy Galaktionovich the or Paul E.?

– Paul. Or The Psoy Galaktionovich. As You like.

Then Immediately the question. Psoy Galaktionovich the life is not ousted of Pavel Eduardovich?

– Psoy Korolenko – is a creative name that marked one of the main things in my life – my creativity. How can it interfere? It only helps. This is important if you want to.

You said that it’s a creative name, not an alias. What is the difference?

– I like the term «creative name», because the word «alias» has a connotation of «hiding» behind someone else’s name. The word «pseudo» has some connotation of the word «pseudo», while Psoy Korolenko is I’m real.

You have a stunning name – lion, which translates as «lion». Beautiful many aliases and creative names. Never wanted to serve under her?

– I had so that I perform under the name of «Psoy Korolenko», this name is very important to me, and in any case not «pseudo», but some of the lyrics I for various reasons as a sign of Lyon. Especially intimate.

«In the word «pseudo» has some connotation of the word «pseudo», while Psoy Korolenko is I’m real.»How would you describe your listeners?

Is a good man.

Just a good man?

– Well, not just a good man. It open, open to other genres, diverse thinking, can think of alternatives, including alternatives for your liking, versatile, he is interested in any music.

I do love all who come to my concerts, because people are not lazy, wasted time, and could just download and listen online.

But the emotions of a live performance are quite different.

No doubt about it. So I try to make everyone happy.

That is, all the people hooked on your music?

– So. But the sociologist gave a more accurate calculation. However, I’m not a sociologist.

You are a philologist.

– A philologist by training. It would be more accurate.

And I do not want to return to Philology, to give it more time? Or your creativity meets every need in the word?

– I’m doing Philology, as Philology – the love of the word. In addition, I am a literary critic. And the production of literary texts in relation to literary criticism is the practice in relation to theory. So my work is practical work.

In their songs you mix different languages: English, French, Russian, Yiddish. Which is most comfortable to sing?

– No, I can’t say this. Languages have different functions. Is the leading language. In most cases, is the native language – Russian. There is, perhaps, the second leading language. It is the language most known to the public, in front of which I speak. There are languages which perform a decorative function. Often they are understood to a lesser extent, a smaller audience. Therefore it is impossible to say which one is comfortable. Each of them comfortable in a certain action. All depends on the specific song. Sometimes work with the translations, but it has its own laws. Translation is translation, and the role of native and foreign language a proper set.

You many called a philosopher. You think so?

– Partially. I am a linguist. In philosophy and Philology of the same root – «Philo» which means love. The love of wisdom, love of the word that carries the wisdom. I try to give a piece of wisdom to his listeners.

You travel a lot, a lot of which are in America even conduct their seminars, which tell the public how to write songs…

– Not what am I had. I don’t keep them permanently. I had long been engaged in teaching. For me it was a great honour when I was invited to read a lecture by the famous Trinity College. It is such a source of the English elite.

Well, what country is easier to perform?

– Every concert is a challenge to reach a certain intimacy with the viewer. No matter in which country and before any audience. A lot depends on weather conditions. In a broad sense. Including the weather in mind. The opportunity to sleep in. I can say that different audiences family in different ways.

Besides, the impression of the country is composed of those places that you have visited. It also affects the performance and feel of the city.

Are you touring and performing in the rhythm non-stop. Where do you find the strength?

– Attentiveness, discipline. And to pass between Scylla clumsiness, blowing on the course and haribdoj extra neurotic punctuality. These two extremes in the way. You need to pass between them.


– So far, thank God, been able to.

And tell us about your appearance on «Minute of glory». For many it was a surprise.

Someone from the office saw my videos, listened to me and was invited to speak. I was wondering, it’s still a new Playground. Although I am quite often on television. Maybe this way more people found out about me. I am very pleased.

And what mark you want to leave behind your creativity?

– Hmm, you’ve got to think… (Paul thinks for nearly a minute)

Or is there no purpose? You just like to share with the public, and you get the emotion from the process?

Not only emotions, thoughts, experiences. Some part of yourself. In part, this is the whole purpose. Only it’s hard to put into words. And let’s not forget about the pleasure. This is partly still entertainmet, dumb entertaining action. As my grandfather said Durov: «Teach, entertain».

Did you ever want to drop everything and return to his former quiet life? Still teach not so nervous.

– This tranquil lifestyle for me as favorite. This kind of activity makes me nervous. My grandmother used to say: «I can not be nervous». Since then I try not to do it. No one’s allowed to be nervous, this is a silly exercise. Teaching is also a good thing. But my life has been such that I have long been a traveling bard, and I like this way of life. And while this needed to happen, I’m going to do it. Still, my interests and the interests of my audience are somehow connected and are not contradictions.

You for the years of wandering came into contact with many famous musicians. Even interviewed David Tibet. No Psoy Korolenko’s dream to record a song with any of famous musicians?

– I don’t think such a category. I think that such projects are born after a certain interaction at festivals. There are many interesting musicians with whom I played. What famous talked. I believe that in such cases it is necessary to be realistic and not engage in wishful thinking. I dream to sing with Elvis Presley. Start with the fact that he died. Well, and so on.

And you can choose someone who has influenced you as a musician? Or is it a hodgepodge of Klezmer, French chanson and folk songs?

– «Monitor», Edith Piaf, songs from cartoons… Sea influences. Everyone called Klezmer, but at the time of the Soviet child was difficult to hear. Rather, Yiddish song. A wide range of song genres in which there is a spark close to me. And in that spectrum I choose. I answer your question?

I think so.

Fine. (laughs)

Your joint albums «Oy division» and «OPA» written after the festival?

– Yes, we managed to play together. And we decided to record an album that is different from my solo career at least a large number of professional instrumentalists on one song, because I finished music school and still an Amateur.

And latest music news you see anything you like?

Well, if you got a call. That’s what You like?

I liked the last Pink Floyd album that everyone was waiting for 20 years – the music is amazing.

In this case, the last I liked Bach. I first listened to him years ago, but it never ceases to amaze me.

And if you take literature? Watch out for it?

– Recently, much less. But again, I don’t cease to amaze Vladimir Korolenko Galaktionovich.

In whose honor did you get the nickname?

– Absolutely. His family was a tradition to name boys for the calendar. It should have been called a radio show, but he was lucky. (laughs) I wrote a thesis on it, so I’m incredibly close to his composition, his dramatic art.

And «50 shades of grey» did not read? The best-selling book.

– You know, the taste of the masses is not always about the high quality of the product. Maybe someday I’ll read it. But judging from what I’ve heard about her, it’s unlikely to happen.

Of the latter, I liked Bach. I first listened to him years ago, but it never ceases to amaze me.You are very fond of young people. Probably half of the audience at your shows – this is young people.

– So! But age is not important. (laughs)

Well, of course, the main thing – the understanding of creativity…

– No, it is not important. The main thing that people were good.

You love to «Lurkmore». Such good articles few people will find.

And I love them. Not love, because you can’t have heroes, but feelings are. I really like the feature – «the singer mouth».

And you understand today’s youth? Take her interests, lifestyle?

– I think so. After all, age is not a hindrance. Moreover, the genre of the song helps to overcome obstacles. On the other hand, I’ve taught teenagers, something I know about them. It is interesting to watch him. In fact I they have learned something. Especially in winter, I like to chat with young musicians. Age is not important. I’ve seen elderly people who are having fun better than youth.

You call themselves youth scholar. But some, looking at you, saying, «How can you be a youth scholar! Isn’t it time to grow up?»

That is a question for the Internet. This tag remained since 1999 when I was recording a jingle, misspoke and called his place «young» and «youth». To me this form seems to be interesting, and I have used it one time. I don’t position myself like that. It’s just a joke that stuck to me.

Generally, the strange question. How can you be young, as you can sing songs, is not it time to sit down and write a novel…

Not had such thoughts?

Was. But I’m not ready for this. Maybe sometime, but not now. If only it was someone interesting. And if anyone is interested, the book is writing. (laughs)

How your children relate to your music?

– All: something to criticize, approve.

Some people think your way, way crazy. Does it bother you?

What throws me for a madman?

Well some songs from your past on stage, disheveled hair, beard.

– All people with a tousled beard insane? Maybe shave the beard off?

Some would advise you to cut it.

– You know, I can’t be mad at these people because they do not relate it to your address. I know of the fact that people who look like me, think crazy. This form of social xenophobia.

You know, I say its niche. I can say, «I am an artist!» and the questions will end.

And I do not want to change the image?

– I have changed, when I stopped shaving. And for the better. (laughs) For me it is harmonious.

As for those who thinks I’m crazy for my songs… I don’t know what to say.

They most likely have not heard of your new work. Your songs have become much calmer and more serious.

– You know, we’re not getting any younger.)

I say its niche. I can say, «I am an artist!» and the questions will end.Regarding profanity. This question is probably already stuffed on edge, but nevertheless. You no longer use in their songs the Mat and even replace it with other words in your latest songs. But people still require the «postmodern water plantain». How do you feel about that?

– You know, I feel sorry for these people. Besides, I have not performed on stage.

But what about those videos on YouTube?

Are those 2-3 times when I sang them live. Never again.

You know, I think I got lucky today, because in many interviews you put journalists in a deadlock and took the role of interviewer in your hands, just broke their program.

– I actually followed the conversation and tried not to lose the thread. And the fact that it put someone in a dead end – there’s nothing I can say.

But your famous interview with Gogolevim, when the lead just started to get nervous.

Is a good example. (laughs) I watched the conversation, trying to keep the thread. My goal was not to put it in a deadlock. What happened to him, I don’t know. Maybe he stalled more comfortable.)

And there are issues that you don’t like?

I don’t like the questions blank. For example: what do you think about people who think you’re crazy?

It’s a shame, but I understand you.

No, no, you do not think You have very good questions. The question itself is interesting. Only how to answer it?

That is, bad issues do not exist?

– Of course not!)

And the last question. Lately You often see in Israel or in Europe, than in Russia. Not going to move?

My touring allows me so frequently to leave the house, I’m starting to miss him. I, of course, man of the world, but very much attached to their homeland.

I, of course, man of the world, but very much attached to their homeland.Wish something readers.

And I already wished. Don’t be nervous and enjoy life.

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