Pseudoscience: now in your house

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2015_PxpPDIAs64jCEWhy, when the progress reaches such dizzying heights as it is now, why, when severe illness was overcome by the human mind, and people flew in space and on the Mars plan, why it is still the place to be the obscurantism that has accompanied humanity for centuries? It seems to us that all this shit has been a long time to disappear, but it is in some countries. Obscurantism, as unscientific, pseudoscientific opinion, much stronger than the rational mind and science.

Such can not bother you, because we are now seeing a clear upswing of the world from which all humanity so recently sought to escape. Sometimes think that everything is really going in a circle. There is enlightenment, and there is a period of decline. But how is it in today’s world, almost everyone has access to one of the greatest human inventions – the Internet? All information, accumulated by centuries, all open and all thought in almost any language become available to you.

And yet people still avoid vaccinations that have saved humanity from the great evils and diseases. A seriously think that vaccination is a form of destruction of people, children, which also serves as the decline in fertility in the country. Such nonsense worthy of the best of all the conspiracy theories are born very corny.

Populists have always been. And, as you know, in the mass of stupid, though separately can handle anything, with some effort. Populists play on fear, base emotion, and use simple reasoning. These assholes should be deported from the country, but they found here a fertile ground for their activities. Their anti-scientific nonsense supported by a very large part of the population. Why? It’s simple. Let’s say you’re not an expert on infectious diseases, you’re not a scientist, and a very bad versed in biology. What is the easiest to take for granted the simple explanation from a media character, the odious Deputy or the self-proclaimed «doctor» or to learn a subject that you do not understand? The conclusion is obvious. And no one would blame you for that, although the development should go in all directions, and man must know his whole life, but not enough for ten lives to become an expert in everything.

This is logical, however there are people, scientists, for whom the purpose of life – science. Yes, they have disagreements, inconsistencies, Yes, they can indeed change, but only they have a human right to public discussion of such serious issues as vaccination. Maybe it’s unfair, but because of the people who are promoting vaccine refusal may reappear those terrible illnesses that we recently got rid of, but which has already managed to forget.

The lack of memory plays a negative role in this matter. And a lot of people don’t understand what risks they pose to their children when they refuse to vaccinate them.

Same story with the Sciences that are subject to public criticism: genetics, something breaks the idea of a Supreme deity, Cybernetics, which supposedly separates man from humanity. And for some reason no one remembers those strange things that allow a person to walk when he has no legs, or use a cybernetic arm when its own hands. The advantage of science over public ignorance clear to everyone of us, but there are fears that, despite all the advantages, science is highly losing ground, but the budget money is spent, rather, on the construction of religious buildings and holding of onerous sports activities than in research funding. And the people will not mind after all «what’s that ponapridumyvali, then all sorts of viruses appear, so poison us with zucchini-mutants. We do not need this right here».

And the only solution to this problem can only be in part of every conscious person in the development of rational thinking. Anyone can organize lectures or to carry out some cultural activities that will really help a lot of people to understand the issue and not be afraid of what they don’t understand. The idea is that it should deal with the state machine, but be sure that nobody, except us, will not participate.

Now the question is, what kind of future you want for yourself and your loved ones? A future that will allow you to never be disabled with the help of modern technology, but life will be extended and more safe, food will be in abundance, and the fanatics will become a rogue man? Or you’d rather a future in which realized a total ban of genetic engineering, research in robotics and human organ transplants, as well as total closed and dogmatic society where you’ll never be able to understand for themselves what is good and what is bad – all of you have long decide. Not hard to guess that in the second case, all of these «chargers» of water, lovers of the world conspiracies, and alternate history will find a cushy job.

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