PS Vita… like a woman with four Breasts

Dude, you have probably already heard about miracle PS Vita — ultra console, impressive capabilities and many useful features, it is bolted to it.

Maybe you even saw a gorgeous promotional video console, where everything just explodes and it looks like that once it is clear that they have invested in the creation of flyers a lot of money.

Recently in a French magazine there is a very interesting console. The photo shows a woman with a buffer in the amount up to four units: two at the usual place and two on the back. The picture is accompanied by the slogan: «Two surfaces is twice pleasant sensations». Nothing vulgar, friend, just two PS Vita managed surface: touchscreen and touch panel on the back side of the console.

Who is the author of groundbreaking and original advertisement is unknown, which is lined with it, too, remains unclear. But hit the net advertising via Twitter Gregoire ello, the head of the publisher Kurokawa, which publishes in France, comics and manga.

Despite its many advantages, the PS Vita sold very poorly Sony was hoping to sell a million devices for a dozen weeks, and it took her as many as 10 months. For comparison, its main competitor, the portable console Nintendo 3DS sold one million of its products in just 14 weeks.

The reasons are fairly simple:PS Vita and accessories are quite expensive, but the main reason few games wonderful in all respects, sad man.

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