Prynt Polaroid Case: print vivid photos directly from your smartphone


Say instant photo printing is a disaster art: the present and the future for digital media. But until people on all then rush to the train of modern technology, we nostalgically remember the feeling when I printed a color photo with a memorable or meaningful image, and it looks like we are not alone.

The French company Prynt developed and presented on kickstarter is incredibly cool project, which was created about a year, but already finished a successful test version: this is not a program, not a separate camera, and case for smartphones that prints pictures. It’s very simple: you take a photo, launch Prynt app that comes with the case, activate Bluetooth and voila! you’ll have hands – own photo printed!

The current prototype prints a photo in about three minutes, but the developers promise to release a product to reduce this time to 30 seconds. Easy and comfortable for the hand «case» holds up to 30 sheets of paper, plus Prynt Polaroid Camera has another interesting feature – the ability to watch videos, pointing the camera at a printed picture. That is, you take a photo and simultaneously record 3-Secondee video. After photos will be printed, you will be able to bring the camera on her smartphone and see that same video. The mass market case Prynt Polaroid Camera will be available in early 2015 and will cost about one hundred dollars.

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