Prototype Nyan cat died

Bro, you probably remember the famous Nyan-cat, who began his endless flight to the stars one funny gifs. The Creator of the animation name is Christopher Torres, he’s an American, and inspired him to create this funny, but eventually got much of a miracle his pet cat Marty. The famous eight-bit GIF made famous and Marty and Christopher.

And here came the terrible news: Marty died last Thursday. Cause of death known: infectious peritonitis. Torres is terribly upset about the death of a pet and calls the late cat as «the best cat in the world.» Nyan-cat was only three years old.

Torres got him from the animal shelter in 2010, along with another cat, Buster, who later found infectious peritonitis, which led to the death of one of Christopher’s favorites.

Torres says that Marty inspired him always. And under the impression of love to the animal and he created this funny GIF.

I grieve with you, man. This story perfectly shows that man is nothing to be ashamed of love for cats.

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