«Protivougonki» for you and your friends. How to do to nobody changed?

manygoodtips.com_25.12.2013_9BPAGw3r1qrSRIt would be cool if you could utter a word FOB the alarm and thus make it unavailable for all other men! You no headaches, no pesky Boyfriends or suspicious of colleagues who call her for lunch or other shit. I think she wouldn’t pull another stunt like that and you. Today we will sostrom lean face and tell you how not to change.

When people will not have the slightest chance to change? When I was not with anyone. I suggest you isolate your relationship from all left-wing people and to minimize communication with friends of the opposite sex. Nothing to throw your man-energy on unnecessary women! Save it all for the right woman!

When people do not want to break up? When they are tied to each other. No wonder, a common thing, but otherwise people 20 years of living in marriage? Don’t worry and be sensitive: all the same except for it nobody will know about it. Just want it — not all. If she requires you why she surrendered to a foreign man?

What keeps people together? A common goal. Strive for have a clear plan of how to achieve this unknown stuff. If you don’t understand why you are together, it is difficult to find in the relationship even shabby meaning, but if they make no sense, then… somebody will sooner or later find another option, which is more logic.

Each of you in relationships should have a clearly defined role to make a relationship work. When every detail is on its place, nothing needs to be replaced. Because the mechanism of relations between parts are you, you know what I mean.

Take means to assess and not to accept. Oh yeah, I’m a philosopher. When you humble, you just suppress the indignation that will one day break out vile mud fountain. To suddenly not be in deep shit and not run around with idiotic cries of «Alarm!», learn to appreciate what she’s doing. Think about her motivations, and you will reach: it is not perfect, she tries. I’m telling you!

Your relationship is your top priority. Most importantly children. The most important work. The most important thing any garbage that you call me now. They have to pay attention every day and to remember the touches, the conversations, the sex, and even (Oh no, not this!) romance.

Sort yourself out. The best way to cope with everything a man who understood himself. When you understand your mind and the influence of past events on your psychological, you stop mindlessly sending her fuck and start doing it consciously. Just kidding, you instead, you’re starting to behave more constructively.

Good sex happens not by the possession of a giant buoy, view the elephantine pile of porn and the title of KMS of sex.» The most important thing is to trust and not be afraid to be funny. Come on, she’s seen you naked. Where here to be shy.

A relationship is like a ladder. Each step is an inevitable stage through which you cannot just go and jump. Don’t need sky-high expectations. Be realistic.

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