Protective mechanisms of the psyche


Psyche – the universe that mankind has to study and learn. We really don’t know what’s going on in our mind where it comes from, and why at certain points we do so, and not otherwise. Although many with varying degrees of success tried to explain it. Not everything is dictated by our conscious decision – that’s clear. And sometimes will come into effect some mechanisms that protect our ego from all sorts of injuries. Just about such defense mechanisms, we want to talk about, because you encounter them every day of my life. In some moments they help you, as designed for this, but in the other harm. We will not describe everything (Freud imagined dozens), and note the most frequent.


Perhaps this is the most common type of psychological protection. In your life, denial is manifested very often, for example when you start Dating a girl and she seems perfect to you a creature that poops flowers and in General has no negative traits. But ideals do not exist, and the mind is simply not aware of the negative traits of the other personality. Perhaps it is necessary for us to make it easier to find «suitable» partners, God knows. We also deny the danger, when it is rampant in front of our noses. The thing is that a person in critical situations it is necessary to keep yourself in hand, to survive, and mind helps us in this. The main thing – remember that denial does not change reality.

The displacement

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The displacement works differently, and most of their leisure time displacement we do. For example, you read our section «Movies worth seeing» in the hope of finding a film that will help you to distract from the urgent cases, so you’re in a conscious ignoring or forgetting any problems. And meanwhile you excellent help in this.

At the household level, the displacement can be easily detected. For example, we say: «I watch TV to forget, to not think about bad, I went to the concert to get distracted,» «in order to distract myself, I need a change of scenery» and so on.

The Splitting Of The Ego

Unfortunately, a similar reaction, we see many people in the country. This is bad, because one person cannot exist in a bipolar world, when there are only two options: right and wrong. So, if you see the world in black and white and other colors do not notice, it is likely that you’re splitting. In practice it looks as follows. For example, you’re consistent conservative, stoked for the family, traditional values and faith. Well done, my friend, like you, a lot. However, you found some group of people, for example, the liberals, and consider them pure evil. As a result, even if you meet with a normal person, and then you learn that he was a liberal, your attitude deteriorates, despite personal experience. You know? And all because of the immaturity of the individual, which cannot rationally process the information coming from different corners of the world.



A very useful thing, actually. Thought about it when I remembered the case of a funeral. There was a child whose father has died. Naturally, the child was a storm, there was an internal tension, fear, despair. But thanks to sublimation, he screamed and tore his hair, and just drew in your sketchbook. Then he learned that he next week only engaged, what lessons and cleaning the house.

Sublimation – this is a switch from negative psychological energy to work. As a rule, this work is creative, or useful (service, work). If you do not take such tragic cases, and easier, these things we do during a session when it is necessary to teach 60 tickets (what brings you mental anguish), and you suddenly find the strength to fix the sink, wash all the floors, paint five pictures and bring the car back in order.


This mental barrier can still be called «pipe dreams», or the unconscious abstraction. He works just. It happens when you have an unpleasant event, you don’t just ignore it, but trying to escape reality. You can just «unresponsive» or unconsciously appeal to their fantasies. At the same time you lose touch with the outside world for a while. What is bad? The lack of a friend and, as a consequence, sex.

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