Protect yourself from attacks on your property

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Nobody is immune from the invasion of their lives, even from a zombie uprising, no one is immune. And from that one «perfect» moment in your house will climb a thief when you’re sleeping, and even more so. But there is always the opportunity to defend themselves, even if in your country it is strictly forbidden to keep guns in the home and apply it in case. Get yourself some of this.

In fact, it a normal coffee table. Nothing unusual, really. It reliably performs its functions and very stylish looks in your home next to the bed. But in case of danger you can easily separate the «table» from the supply and use it as a bat and shield. The shield can withstand a good blow to the hand, the wood is dense enough, may not pass. But what can I say about the bat? Bits are bits, looks heavy.

The developers themselves say that this is just a concept. When they raise enough money to release this thing to the market.

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