Protect your brain, while you still remember what that is

Methods of maintaining your physical health is known to everyone: regularly work, eat vegetables, lots of sleep, don’t smoke, avoid base jumping from skyscrapers. Standard stuff, in General.

But your brain deserve the same attention as other parts of the body, and even more. Is the most important organ-even more important than your beloved body, and as soon as the brain atrophies, then return it to its former condition is almost impossible. To parry such terrible diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, you need to acquire several habits and give your brain a chance. Do it, until I began to forget where you put the keys.

Better get off your ass

If all the physical benefits of exercise seem like a tempting enough, think about how they are configured with your brain. There are numerous testimonies that show and prove that physical activity is good for brain health. It has long been said neurologists. And the best prevention of the decaying of the brain are cardiovascular exercises that increase the heart rate.

Marathons don’t need to squeeze a 200 kg roller as a funny American, is also not particularly necessary. Say that the basic walk and uphill approach, the brain is not a muscle, swing nothing. Most importantly, make the blood circulate. So choose those exercises which will not force you to neglect a healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet

Every body is unique and inimitable. Some balloons like a blimp one slice of pizza, and beat the other fish oil from the pan, washing it down with a beer and look at it like keira Knightley in a period when it was fashionable to consider it beautiful and talented. Therefore, one helps ordinary starvation, and others — some of the vegan diet. Especially individually.

But there is a diet that leads to a form not a body, namely the brain. Rather, it supports its performance. Talking about the Mediterranean diet, which is chock-full of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and whole grains, and proved that this diet helps your mental health.

That’s why the people of the region live longer, and enjoy life in spite of crises and popular in the Yuga of Smoking with vinpotropile. And most importantly, digestion in humans is all right. But they do not eat soups.

They say that it would be nice to be fed a diet for patients with high blood pressure. They are, as a rule, a limited amount of red meat, salt, sweets and sugary drinks, but in the presence of herbivores lot of refinement. Through this brain will thank you.

Do something mentally challenging

Work your brain is working your body. And all these gymnastics for the mind, exercise, supposedly toning the brain, is a waste of time. The only sane way to engage in activities that challenge your brain. The principle is the prolonged activity, which will bind you for a long time, will be of interest and will endlessly make fun of your brain.

It could be any activity: for example, learning a new language; read about why great white sharks are not in aquariums; solving a Sudoku or a dispute with an atheist (and Vice versa). Nothing complicated, but very simple is the case not name.

Don’t play contact sports

Do you know how many Rugby players eventually begin to suffer from a degenerative disease of the brain? A lot! This is caused by the constant head injuries — impact heavy impact hits and tackles. Even the players at risk of traumatic brain in the fight for the ball.

So if the brain is precious to you, contact sports should be avoided. If you choose a career in a rough sport, you think: maybe choose something else? Millions of dollars are not broken heads… I guess. But exactly what repeated concussions are harmful and the negative cognitive effects can last decades after the injury.

But for ordinary people who are in the sport too late, you can advise only one thing — to avoid injury. Driving wearing, bike always wearing a helmet, fighting not to run, ice go gently. Otherwise there will be a problem with your head.

Actively manage your stress when it creeps up

A continuous band looming Affairs and eternal experiences turn into chronic stress, which in turn can lead to a number of health problems, including brain.

It is stress triggers the influx of the hormone cortisol, thanks to which we can all safely forget. In people it is called «flew out of my head». All this can affect brain health in the long term, especially if chronic stress leads to more serious mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress. Although much harder to assess mental health than physical, care of the brain should be a high priority. If you take action now, it will eventually become much easier.

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