Prostitution: story of the oldest profession. Part 3

For the sake part 2 part we paid attention to the prostitution in Russia, but do not think that prostitution in Russia was never. Obvious it was not almost never, but the secret in pubs Yes, public houses were more like.

Prostitution In Russia

In 1649 Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich tried to remove «bitch» from the street, but it did not work. The government attempted to resolve and brothels high class, visited by aristocrats, but in vain. Peter I tried to eradicate prostitution in the shelves, even denying the treatment of soldiers from sexually transmitted diseases. The number of brothels tried to regulate, but they have gone underground.

Catherine the Great was seriously tempted to re-educate prostitutes, sending them to workhouses, factories and in the «penitentiary house.» Prostitutes were examined for venereal diseases. Paul wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and decided to put prostitutes in a yellow dress, perhaps, that they were ashamed. Prostitutes at the same time humiliated and considered a victim of circumstances, but it does not hurt to use their services.

Education has not brought to our lands, neither sex education nor POS Kentico. Quite a long time in the Russian Empire worked in the ecclesiastical court for «sex crimes». Pose «woman on top» threatened the offenders repentance for a period of three to ten years, and for a pose «cancer» could even excommunicate. Among the intelligentsia was a common belief that prostitutes are only due to coincidence.

In the nineteenth century prostitutes were kept at any restaurant, hotel, or apartment house that has forced the government to legalize prostitution in 1843-m. This critical moment, divided prostitutes into two large groups: ticket and blank. Their passports prostitutes passed, obtaining a medical ticket. So the state controlled women’s health. Ticket prostitutes lived in brothels and rarely went outside. Twice a week the ticket prostitutes were examined by doctors, after which the ticket has been marked as «healthy» or «unhealthy». These tickets were called «yellow card», most likely due to the fact that cheap paper from which they were made, acquired yellow color.

A brothel can be opened only following the Rules of soderjatelno brothels approved by the Minister of internal Affairs on 29 may 1844:

1. Brothels open only with the permission of the police.

2. Permission to open a brothel can only get a woman from 30 to 60 years, is trustworthy.

3. In the number of women in brothels not to take younger than 16 years…

4. Debt claims of soderzhateley in public women should not serve as an obstacle to the abandonment of the last brothels…

5. Beds should be separated or light walls, or, failing this, in the circumstances, screens…

6. The landlady is also strict liability for bringing living at her girls to the extreme exhaustion of excessive use…

7. Soderjatelno prohibited on Sundays and holidays to receive visitors until the end of the mass, and during Holy week.

8. Juvenile men, still pupils of educational institutions in any case are not allowed in brothels.

Blank prostitutes were more free. They could move freely around the city, rented an apartment and controlled solely by a pimp. Blank prostitutes looking for their clients on the streets, and to appear for examination can once a week. According In 1889, in Russia officially worked 1216 brothels where worked prostitutes 9763. Almost half of the prostitutes came from peasants, 30 per cent from the middle class, the former servants, workers of factories. Were women who combined work of maids, seamstresses or TV show with the work of the «priestesses of love». Attracted them not so much need, how much passion for easy busy life.

What were the prices for prostitutes? It is worth noting one thing: the silver ruble value equal to a modern 1000. High category public houses could offer the client a girl by 3-5 rubles per hour. The night was managed in a round sum — 10-25 roubles. Visited this public house of the people from the nobility, wealthy merchants, but most of these people preferred to maintain mistresses-of camellias. 1-2 year — hours, 2-5 — night offered to girls easier. Most often it was satisfied petty officers, students, artists and writers. Cheapest prostitutes, daubed, like dolls, were worth 30-50 cents per hour, but over night required a RB 1-2. Use their services the workers, peasants and other rabble.


Rich brothels changed the range of prostitutes each year, sometimes sharing with other brothels. Workers met their clients, lined up in a row, often with an open chest. These brothels were arranged in the manner of the West, offered GIMP and even what an Orthodox man could not conceive — anal and oral. In fairness it should be noted that it was used rarely, according to the books of account holders.

If you seriously think that became prostitutes only if there is no other choice, you’re wrong. Of course, forced into prostitution, but a large percentage of prostitutes came to this independently and was in no hurry to part with the possibilities of their profession. Count Lev N. Tolstoy somehow decided to rehabilitate a prostitute and offered her a place to cook, but she refused under the pretext that she does not know how to cook. «But I, says Tolstoy, her face very well see that she just doesn’t want to take this place, as the position of the cook seemed to her, must be too unworthy». From this and similar examples it is quite clearly seen the vanity and pride of the prostitutes consider their occupation better than working maids. Then you will understand why. The prostitute of an average price category received about 1,000 rubles a month. Even if she gave 80 percent of income to his patrons, remained still very good. For comparison, the monthly salary of the girl from maid — 12 rubles, and the factory worker received a 20. But not all so is smooth: half of the prostitutes had syphilis, others quickly died from alcoholism and came a little later, opium and cocaine. Thrown out on the street coquinette died quickly, falling from institutions of the highest class brothels in the lowest price category, where I maintained a day more than twenty people.


Prostitutes in the eyes of the Russian intelligentsia was surrounded by a halo of suffering, which is rarely true. Sonya Marmeladova didn’t want to work in the factories, and just wanted a nice place to live, no matter what. But the cases were different.

Heteras and courtesans in Russia was not, but was an elite prostitute — Camellia. It is believed that the famous painting Kramskoy «Unknown» pretending to be a girl. This indicates that there is free space next to the girl on the left, which in those days meant looking for a companion. Camellia concubines were rich people, they had separate apartments, they are often published. In the second half of the XIX century kept started serving ads in the newspaper. Camellia often preyed on the elderly widowers and nobles who, after the death left them a decent inheritance.


In Europe, too, the persecution of prostitutes, they go underground, but the rich and influential courtesans and remain in his high position. History remembers the «first model» — Countess of Castiglione di, and Jeanne de Tomb and other famous honest courtesans. They wrote about Zola, Balzac and other famous writers of the XIX century. Also in the second half of the nineteenth century in Europe and America there is such a thing as cabaret with vulgar jokes, songs and lewd dances which still exist.

In 1917, prostitution was officially banned by Soviet authorities. But this does not mean that it in Soviet period was not. In 1924, a survey of the Moscow prostitutes. 60 percent of the «toilers» was made up of proletarians, 87 percent of them experienced an acute need.

Soviet Professor Duboshinskii conducted a more detailed study of the problems of Soviet prostitution before the Second world war and the reasons that push a woman to engage in this dubious craft. With 601 respondents of a prostitute 308 started doing this in his time of need, and 152 as a result of rape. Often become prostitutes, the girls who worked as a servant for rich people before the revolution. They were raped by their employers and thrown out on the street like garbage. The Soviet government firmly tucked in the pockets of prostitution, closing for the year 2228 brothels. To the credit of the Soviet government, prostitution, and homelessness, eliminated quickly. Of course, prostitutes remained in some places, but they were much smaller than in tsarist times.

Some information about modern prostitution

  1. 50% of American men have used the services of prostitutes;
  2. 77,8% of those arrested for prostitution were women and 22.2% men;
  3. 80% of prostitutes have been sexually assaulted, some were raped 8-10 times per year;
  4. 59% of the prostitutes thought of suicide;
  5. these studies, conducted in London, show that 50% of clients of prostitutes are married;
  6. 70% of adult men in England had sex with a prostitute at least once.
  7. on average, girls enter prostitution at the age of 13 years.
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