Prostitution: story of the oldest profession. Part 2

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_ep7ZCnzdzLtTSWe continue the excursion into the history of prostitution, in those ancient times, when people preferred to use all the resources that believed and vulnerable with the threat of brute force women. However, at the time all got it.

Ancient Rome and prostitution

The Romans are not too different from the Greeks. Flourished the same religious prostitution: courtesans and magnificent festivals with sexual overtones. The impression was that people just let eat and posovetovatsya with everyone, but so that the society endorsed. During the festival, dedicated to the God Priapus, girls hung the Golden wreaths on the head and the penis of the statue, and then was met with strangers. In Rome virginity was actually given to her husband, but theoretically it received God Mutinus: girl before marriage sat on the knees of the statue of Mutinus, showing that giving her virginity to God. Cunning-cunning Romans.

In Ancient Rome there were many types of prostitutes. «Bustuariae» called prostitutes, wandering at night near the graves (busta) and fires, often performing the role of the mourners during the funerals. «Casalides» prostitute living in small houses. «Taverniae» — the prostitutes in the taverns. «Diobalares» — a very old prostitute, who demanded for their services, two obols, that is why they are called. The services of these prostitutes resorted only beggars, slaves, or despised people. «Forariae» prostitutes who came from the village to the big city to engage in this activity. «Famosae» — a venerable matron, wealthy and influential women who whored more for fun than for money. «Junicae» — very thick prostitutes and «noctilucae» — prostitutes who roamed the city at night in search of customers. Latin sounds nice, but literally all less euphonic. That is an offensive term prostitutes, which even they were offended, is «scrantiae». The literal translation is «potty».

Theatres that you can visit today is considered good form, in Ancient Rome, was synonymous with desperate depravity. Actress after performances undressed and gave herself for money to customers of the theatre. Gymnasts were those still whores, but with special abilities, if you know what we mean.

The Romans borrowed from the Greeks and the idea of courtesans. Roman hetaera «bonae meretrices» indistinguishable from Greek. They were the trendsetter of fashion, influenced policy, was surrounded by a retinue of admirers and had unrealistic wealth, privilege and freedom. Contempt for them was not respected them immensely.

The middle ages and prostitution

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_KzRNgoHJj5ytCStrangely enough, in the middle ages with their Inquisition, too, did not refuse the services of corrupt and just available love. Another piece of hypocrisy!

The community of women within the community professed a huge number of Christian sects, such as the Nicolaitans. This sect was considered absolutely normal to indulge in all sorts of Vice, moreover, passions and vices was considered sacred. The Adamites and corporate thought so, too.

In the middle ages and was revived for a long time maintained guest prostitution. Dear guest offered right on the wedding night, and sometimes this right was entirely for the Lord. In the early middle Ages ,in the era of the first Crusade, the bishops, the barons and some of the knights kept a sort of harem, but did not register relationships with these women vows of celibacy. Then all, of course, worse.

Medieval prostitutes were waiting for their clients in the evening in the city of wells. In the evening went there not only prostitutes, but also quite decent women with the intent to hook up with a lover, while her husband was away. Those who wore a chastity belt or simply been faithful, chatted with other women about love Affairs. If a traveler, who travels across medieval Europe, wanted to have fun in almost any city he had to wait at the town or village well on the sexual abuse of women. Those who spermotoksikoz caught on the road, it was necessary to find a special small hut, which was called «borde». They roadside prostitutes took clients away from human eyes. The fashion for small houses of prostitutes went to the Roman Empire. In these houses prostitutes hiding from the oversight of the city police, wives of their clients and just be in convenience. They received a special distribution when the naive monarch Louis IX attempted to expel the sexual abuse of women outside of France. But this does not lead to anything. It is believed that due to the persecution of Louis of women to public first became worse treated (before prostitution was considered a common occurrence).

House prostitutes often differed from the other houses: he had painted the bars on the Windows, painted walls and other special features. Clergymen and married men were strictly forbidden to appear in prostitutes, but no one stopped. Attitude to prostitutes deteriorated sharply following outbreaks of epidemic syphilis, when once the city the disease has infected one third of men. Do not think that prostitution is not punishable. Most often punished those who are caught or implicated in the crime. They cut off the noses or denounced, but the punishment does not interfere with the mutilated women to do it most again.

Court and military prostitution

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_O01IIzssBXTpYFrancis I was a monarch. Wanting to destroy the prostitution, he firmly strengthened her. When it was born some Institute of the favorites. At the court of Francis I was a real harem of the wives of feudal lords, their vassals and simply different ladies. Francis had the keys to the bedrooms of all women and could pay a visit to them at any time. If a woman refused to enter into an intimate relationship with the king, her husband threatened prosecution of a serious crime. Over time, the sex with the king was considered absolutely normal and increased loyalty. Under Henry II the phenomenon is widespread and spilled over to other European countries. To give birth to the son of the king wanted a huge number of women. Bastard, of course, it was extremely difficult to ascend to the throne, but the very existence of you have a strong Royal blood circling the heads of many ladies.

New times was marked by new wars. Actively developed a rather peculiar view of prostitution in the military. When the army contained a crowd of women who were actively serving military and moved with them to battle. In the army of Charles the Bold was four and a half thousand soldiers ‘ girls. They nursed the wounded, cooked food, sold small goods and then often married soldiers.

New geographical discoveries pushed the boundaries of the world, religious morality was gradually faded into the background. The era of humanism, and the people finally realized that sex can be not only in one position and silently. At the same time, there is a powerful institution of courtesans that revives the tradition of Greek and Roman courtesans. Their freedom and wealth were simply enormous, they drew pictures, they were dedicated to poetry. Ladies especially were jealous of Venetian courtesans. One mistress even said, «this is really nice and sweet desire!» But in fact, the courtesans were the same prostitutes, only more educated and well groomed.

«Widows and married women, engaged exclusively in various love Affairs, and young girls around them, imitated them: some of them do it quite openly, without any constraint, while others, less bold, tried to marry the first comer, then plenty to indulge in such loving fun,» writes the historian of that time. The worst in the Renaissance it was incest, which is very hard to beat for «quality blood» of the local aristocracy. «Game of thrones» in comparison with the reality looked very innocent: the daughter was considered normal to go under his father, an intimate relationship of brother and sister was considered commonplace. Men willingly married their cousins and second cousins that survived until the early twentieth century and was extended and in Russia (for example, Griboyedov — the product of mixing two kinds of Griboyedov).

Court courtesan actively influenced policy, and when Catherine de Medici was a whole platoon of prostitutes, which was called «the Flying squad of the Queen». These girls Medici was placed under one. The rich courtesans received their clients in salons, the city provided — in restaurants and the poor along the roads and near the wells. Aesthetic prostitution, as mentioned above, made up at this time its climax. «Meretrices honestae» — the so-called courtesans of the Renaissance. They had a very good education, perfectly versed in the art and no different from the ancient hetaerae. And some were more appreciated not for its beauty or ability to do anything in bed, but for pure knowledge of Latin and Italian speech. Here it is!

Relations with courtesans openly proud, because they who gave. To them was quite unusual, very positive and respectful attitude. In 1531, six knights were summoned to Florence to fight anyone who did not want to admit that the courtesan tullia d Aragona is the most respectable and admirable woman in the world. But when another courtesan, Aspasia, changed his residence, moving to another city or country, talked about this as much as the arrival or departure of the Queen. Messengers were sent to notify even the Royal courts.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century prostitutes were stored in the registry to control the size. Also behind them were mounted police and medical supervision. The threat of syphilis was neillyuzorno. At the same time, for example, in Austria, the state attempted to officially ban prostitution. Prostitutes were thrown into prison and expelled from the country, some were hanged. But this does not lead to anything: prostitutes disguised as decent women and marincanto (small traders in the army).

Closer to the nineteenth century formed modern attitudes towards prostitution as something bad. Even the rich concubines and courtesans were considered depraved and spoiled by women, but more on that in part 3.

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