Prostitution: story of the oldest profession. Part 1

manygoodtips.com_13.04.2014_h5UNX7SLc0Nq8«To be or not to be with a prostitute?» — this question came to the editorial office from the constant reader. We thought of him many days and nights, and so there was a huge article about the history of prostitution and the difficult life of prostitutes.

Let’s start with the known fact: prostitution is the oldest profession. It all started from prehistoric times when a girl could offer in exchange, the hunter or what she collected or what she already has. Someone honestly went to gather berries, bugs and roots, and someone to cheat and give their all for a piece of a mammoth. Profit!

It is actually more difficult. In ancient times there was no such thing as a «family». Also, there was no such thing as «shame». Look at the savages of the jungle: naked and copulate in front of everyone. When the Europeans tried to teach the natives to wear clothes, they dressed her as a decoration and dressed only on special occasions. In many primitive cultures, every member of society belongs to another member of the community or all belong to the main parties. For this reason, «the oldest profession» is a figure of speech, nothing more.

Types of prostitution

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_5WgcDI8MR35wqIn ancient times, when marriage did not exist, was a phenomenon which he called the «civilian prostitution.» In fact, it’s not prostitution because it was done without compensation. Wives and children of the tribe were common. In the language of savages, living in California, there is no word for the concept of «marriage». But there is a word that means jealousy. Jealousy manifests itself only when a woman is given to a man of another tribe. The Massagetae, a nomadic people of Scythia, every man took to himself a wife, which then was used by all. If someone wanted a particular woman, he tied his quiver to the wagon and then satisfied his desire. The Andaman women’s refusal to have sex was considered a crime, in their culture the man and woman entered into a temporary Alliance when a woman gets pregnant. She had a baby as everything went back to normal.

A lot of people in the presence of the institution of marriage has enabled women to engage in sexual activity with anyone under certain circumstances: her husband’s death, illness, absence of the husband or a quarrel. Not to waste the woman! Modern African tribe gandonov is the institution of marriage, but a woman can have sex at all with anyone. Moreover, after each successful times with a new man she gets the right to wear a leather bracelet, and my husband is proud that his wife is desirable and in demand. Sincerely proud!

With the emergence of Patriarchy and private property, many Nations have replaced civil prostitution on the guest. For modern man it is even more strange thing: the civil prostitution. Imagine that you come to the house best friend, and to celebrate, he offers you his 11-year-old daughter. You can not refuse, because the other will take offense, because he gives you the best of what he has. Guest prostitution still exists, for example, in Tahiti. History knows a case when one Christian missionary Harris refused an honorary offers someone’s wife when I was on Nukahiva. All ended well: the women of the tribe got to him in the night and removed his pants to make sure whether Harris is the man. Something like prostitution were among some peoples, who offered his wife or daughter to foreigners, but for the money or for the chicken. As you can see, the marriage does not eradicate prostitution, but the very contrary.

As time passed, marriage became much more common. First, the woman could only sleep with members of the same tribe, and later with members of the same family, and later, or with my husband, or his brothers, or with the leader. Much later it was superseded by a traditional monogamous relationship, to which we are accustomed. Religious prostitution has existed in one form or another since the beginning of time. For example, to deprive the girl of virginity could either the leader or the priest, but for them it is also pay extra. Some girls were paid to the clergy for sex, considering it a kind of blessing. Of course, at all times the priests lived very well. In parallel with religious prostitution was legal. Prostitutes are officially registered as prostitutes, bought myself the right to prostitution and engaged in this type of professional activity. Often they were highly respected members of the Polis or of the people, in contrast to ordinary women. Those prostitutes leave their trade, got married (and wishing it was a lot) and lived in high esteem. There is a legend that the Buddha once visited a famous courtesan in Vesali. Famous prostitute became the nobility, and even rulers.

The history of prostitution in major civilizations

manygoodtips.com_13.04.2014_EOuGmUZ6sCw3eEveryone knows the city of Babylon, one of the cradles of civilization. The historian Herodotus, to the words which should not be taken very seriously, wrote that all women of this town were obliged at least once in your life to be in the temple of the goddess Melitta (goddess of the feminine). There girls were waiting for the strangers that are out to have sex with them, threw them on his knees a certain amount of money. The money was donated to the temple. Anyone could pursue a career» and become a priestess of the goddess. The girl lived at the temple, satisfied customers, after which could end a career easily after the marriage. Future husband have wondered how many men had visited the girl during her service. The more the better wife.

Jews could sell his daughter to any man as concubines. It ended only with the arrival of Moses, which officially banned the sale of daughters. Women in the Hebrew tribes, who wanted to sell himself, was sitting along the road, covered with a blanket. When a possible client they ran after him, exhorting him to «buy» them.

In Ancient Greece prospered all types of prostitution that is listed above. Religious prostitution came to the Greeks from Babylon, changed the name of the goddess. In Greece it had reached its climax. In honour of Aphrodite and Dionysus staged huge orgies with the participation of famous courtesans, slaves and women. It looked like the movie «Caligula», only prettier. At these festivals foreigners came almost from all over the world. Hetairai, slaves and ordinary prostitutes after such events went awkwardly, but their purses were torn from a large number of coins.

The ancient Greeks also legalized prostitution and created the Institute of public brothels dickered, where he was kept and worked slaves. These homes were created ostensibly to protect against corruption honest married women. The poor and disadvantaged people had real freedom — cost dickered was miserable and only at the entrance. Xenar described the appearance of the women in this place is absolutely transparent clothes, sometimes a veil on the face as a sign of special cynicism.

Prostitution aesthetic

manygoodtips.com_13.04.2014_ydf2pJxMqmv4MThe ancient Greeks had a very strange form of prostitution, which some researchers call «aesthetic prostitution.» It involved the famous hetaera. To surrender or not to surrender the Thais have always decided on the basis of their likes or dislikes. Differing incredible for women by level of education, elegance of manners, and appearance, the Thais were able to speak on equal terms with well-known philosophers, politicians, rich people, athletes and rulers of countries about the meaning of life, social order and about how to build Greece. If she adhered to the philosophy of the cynics, and her client — the philosophy of empirical, sex could not walk!

Hetaerae could be divided into two large groups: hetero-of advice when people with power and hetero-philosophers at sages and scientists. The first was less educated, but funny and intelligent. These hetairai were at the court of Alexander the great and Ptolemy. The second has an exceptional education and specialized in the debates and logical games. Their position in society, was exceptional: the free movement around the country, pride in the profession, the respect and a lot of money. In order to contact any hetaera, it was enough to write her name on the walls of the temple with a caustic comment and signature. The Thais held a special place in the life of the Greeks. They were songs, they sculpted statues, and their caustic remarks and comments were collected and recorded spreading in the future as a joke.

There’s more, read part 2!

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