Prostitutes – Fig: why a man should not buy sex

Usually it seems that prostitutes, drug addicts and all the other infamous personalities live in a different world. And then suddenly you find out that one of your friends is married to a prostitute, which continues its activities, being in a marriage. Not to say that we are against prostitution, but all the same it is somehow strange going to prostitutes to get sex. Is that bad for average girls? How sex for one night, Internet Dating for sex and all sorts of clubs? It is a long time there, and it’s free!

Strip clubs and prostitutes is part of the male world, is about the same as the show «test purchases», «Fashion verdict» and shopping at the nearest Mall for women. It is routine for those who are already long and well married, it’s an interesting experience for those who want to try, and a last resort for those who have problems finding a normal girl. Women crave sex for money with a unfamiliar person only when they finally disappointed in men and I want to get some modicum of warmth by any means. Among men, too, enough dudes, for whom the idea that they will push your Johnson in the purchase of hole, disgusting. It is not that this woman was a lot of men (women don’t write men, they have visited), the fact that women must attract a man, not his money. It is almost with the question of whether to pay the guy installing the video card, or find his balls and do this simple procedure yourself.

Of course we are not saying that sex is when two hearts are joined in the ecstasy of love, the angels sing and where is born a pony. Can have sex without affection, only when necessary and in the animal. Would be stupid and hypocritical to deny it. Just sex for love or sympathy pleasant different without them, it’s the same as Masturbation, but nicer (although Masturbation just happens). In short, a normal guy no problem finding sex at once.

Buying of sex can tell a lot about a man. For example, that he is a banal consumer and somewhat cheap. The consumer, because it seeks to satisfy only the basest needs of buying any kind of effort, instead of worn out and do it myself. The miser because he seriously thinks this is a «honest»: a woman will not pull money from it to eventually give. The guy does not know how to enjoy the process of getting a girl, it died the player. Of course, when you are constantly dynamite, that’s not cool and you need to look for something else. The big problem of the current generation that we have ceased to enjoy the process of training, and stupidly want the result. Pleasure from the result passes quickly, and we are left with nothing. Those guys who don’t want the result, but know how to have fun in the process of achieving it, these fellows. The field of application of the skill can be different: getting a beautiful body, good job, education, sex.

Women mostly can find sex without any complications. Normal dudes this is not worried: speak, convince, enchant, at the very least always save the hand. Not lost one word.

Another reason

1. Fake moans, lubrication and passion

When you get a girl to define what it is you want, you can if lubrication and behavior. Prostitutes have everything under control and oiled, they experienced women always know what to get excited. If a strange woman at a time will light up with passion at least from the awareness of the fact that she had sex with a stranger, a prostitute just to portray passion. A job like that.

2. From ordinary girls are more fun when usedonlonger cost

Seriously consider all those trips to the theater, cinema and cafes as a long way in bed, it is more expensive. But first, there’s always a chance to catch someone for once. In extreme cases, there are Dating sites where grazing a bunch of bored nymphomaniacs. Only sex. Second of all, girls have to sweeten the cinema and cafes, is a bit of another story. These girls want relationships and can bring a lot of joy from the process relations. Sex will be an addition to all of this. In the case of a prostitute you’re buying sex. In the case of the girl you get likes, get more buns, sex, relationships, and self-satisfaction in the bargain. Am I the only one in his student years enjoyed the process? Seriously, it’s so hard to find a woman for one night? For free?

3. Disrespect to women

You know, as the author of the classification of female bodies , I’m definitely a bit sexist. But I still believe that women deserve the right to respect, if he behaves well. The man who buys sex, thereby showing that the woman is a piece of meat with a hole. He doesn’t care about her feelings, care, talk with her and other nishtyaki that have a relationship. He cares about material gain: sex, soup and silent coat. After all, everyone has a mother and cousin that someone could or can so relate.

4. Automatic priority sex

With the priorities of the guy who buys sex, everything is clear. What a pleasure from the process of seduction? Only sex! Boring people! They die hunter! Even gamer-zadrot they died.

5. «Venus» and other pleasures

Even the most clean prostitutes are carriers of a huge number of different diseases, without knowing it. Seriously, how often do people go to inspection and tests? Prostitutes are people too, and therefore they are not tested very often. Of course, for the special clean girls is a necessary occupational hazard, but where to get such? Gradations of quality girls are mentioned not always.

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