Programs that will make your life easier #9 continues to delight you, our gadgetman you. Today, as the week before, we will tell you about what happened in the app industry, what happened in the minds of the developers that the new can install on your smartphone. When you get acquainted with these programs, they experience a pleasant surprise: in the country there are bright minds who are trying to humans and you in particular. Why such thoughts come into our skull? The answer lies in the following five apps made in order to help you or entertain in moments of idleness.

1. NeuroNation

Talk about serious — about your brain. We will not hide, everyone has problems with it. Someone gives, someone, and some can’t even solve simple logical problems, which adversely affects intellectual development. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, each has potential for development, why no one wants to do with his brain? Will reply for you — people just do not know how to begin. And you can start with a great website and application in combination NeuroNation. This program helps to upgrade your mental skills through a specially designed intensive courses. The first lesson is free, it is necessary to analyze what you have now and what you should pay attention to. Thus, the program will help develop the priorities of the brain, with which you have a problem.

The app itself and the website is extremely popular in Western Europe and South America. The application was currently 9 million active users. NeuroNation is strongly related to the scientific and medical communities of Germany: Federal Ministry of health only confirms this. Of course, today the program helps both healthy people and those suffering from serious illnesses and brain injuries. NeuroNation helps in rehabilitation.


2. Autostore

Another automotive application, without which it is better not to buy a used car. We all know that owners of cars are often silent about some details of the biography of their four-wheeled steeds. Moreover, it may be stolen, and broken, registered in the register of taxi or even never registered.

«Autostore» easily solves the problem of vagueness, because it provides the most complete, most detailed and honest history of owning and operating a used car. It is a pity that the app only works in the Moscow region. Let’s hope for an extension, and while the advantages of installing it on your smartphone:

— the application shows data about the previous owners;

— opens your eyes to the history of the passage of the technical service;

— gives data on the participation in the accident and contacting insurance companies;

— check the legal purity (theft, restrictions on registration activity);

— checks the availability of the vehicle in the registry for a taxi.

All data is taken exclusively from public sources, which means that they are fully consistent with the real situation. If you are a Muscovite and going to buy a car, then this app created for you.


3. Drilled

Which is a selection of programs can do without delicious, a little (or maybe even many) crazy mobile games? Found for you one of these, called «Drilled». The game was created for iOs by the same developers that at the time brought in this mortal world of mobile game «Ruble». But this time the action takes place underground, where you can study minerals, to create the parts, assemble drill, boosters, improvements. Thus, you play the role of handy, miner, and geologist, chemist, engineer and designer. Once you’re underground, there needs to be dwarves, right? They are here to help you, but your mine sometimes comes Egor — send him to hell and chase, it was not necessary. The game is constantly updated, it penetrate new things without which play not so interesting, like 12 mod parts for your drill, chests of crystals, the possibilities of crafting items from resources around you and, of course, the secret minerals in the depths of your mine. Someone plays seals when standing in traffic jams and queues, and we are playing harsh with miners, which is what you suggest.


4. Prisma

Hit from our developers, which became the most downloaded app almost all over the known world. And we are happy for the success of the guy who came up with this creation. In fact, Prisma is a photo editor that can handle pictures in such a way that they begin to resemble the paintings of famous artists such as Marc Chagall or Picasso, for example. If similar programs already were, but they, unlike Prisma, not used the latest developments in the field of neural networks, which are already two years, and excite the public. So, the application uses the neural network algorithms that achieve remarkable similarities with the original style of a particular artist. Sounds kind of cool and sad at the same time, because the day is near when the world will need no Munch, no William Blake, no da Vinci. Artists will replace the soulless program that creates a masterpiece in seconds. But anyway, we have nothing to change, so please just install this app, just for the interest.


5. eWeather

Apparently, eWeather is the most detailed and convenient weather application that you can install on Android. Weather it is necessary to know, especially if you live in some extreme conditions, earthquakes and flood for you are not natural disasters, and ordinary life.

eWeather helps anticipate all the chaos bestows upon us mother nature. From the app you will know the weather forecast for the next 10 days, which is based on data from two meteoagentstvo. The program can predict not only the temperature, but also geomagnetic storms, pressure changes, the surface temperature of the seas and oceans, earthquakes (filter by distance, force, and depth), the tides. In General, a whole bunch of stuff you’ll know with this app, including the exact time of the polar nights and days, solar and lunar eclipses. About precipitation and will not speak — their number and likelihood you’ll know in the first place. Useful application when you have the window whatever the hell that is happening.


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