Programs that will make your life easier #8

Tired of old and boring programs, I want something new, amazing, exquisite and useful? We are ready to give it to you, because today our next review of applications. In it we will tell you about the most interesting and most practical programs you can install on your smartphone or tablet. If you are one of those who asks «why?» explain: to make your life a little easier to shift the burden of domestic responsibilities on the program and free up a little time.

1. Stellio Music Player

Players are of two types: to simply listen to music, and to listen to music and to enjoy sound. We will certainly advise you the second option. The sound should be clean and the EQ is really useful, with different customisation options and numerous effects, which will help you to customize the song for themselves.

For these purposes I suggest you install «Stellio music Player». He is comfortable with the interface to understand even your dog. The design can change dramatically the color changes depending on the album art. Some types of design are already built into the player: Flat, Default, Material and new topic Redline. Each of them has its own character, each is unique. From the user point of view, in the program many features like sleep timer, crossfading (smooth transition from one track to another) and gapless (works even in VK, with preloading). There are some important free plugins, namely, plugin Vkontakte Musicplugin for Dropbox, Stellio. Yourself covers are downloaded automatically.

In fact, by downloading this app you receive a quality player with a comfortable and, most importantly, a powerful feature that you can configure as you like. Music is reproduced in high resolution. The equalizer 12-band, and absorbs 13 effects like reverb, echo, compression, etc of course, you can view lyrics, edit tags, suscribite music on your website The app itself is free, if with ads or for 99 rubles you can disable it, but still get a premium theme Redline. Runs on Android.


2. Skipp

If you live in Moscow and you have a house (apartment, room, whatever), then we recommend you this minute to install the app Skipp. Why? In order to order a home a variety of services that you might need me at the most inopportune moment (remember the scene with the cleaner from pulp fiction). In General, no insure, and sometimes you need to quickly clean, prepare dinner, repair the phone or to make a girl manicure – all available for ordering in the app Skipp.

Attached you will find a detailed description of services, price and quality and convenient form for ordering. Masters did not take «the street», they are carefully selected, perform the tests and get the appropriate rating in the system. If the master made an order for Ura, his rating increases. Order of the master, and he comes to you at home or at work, you need only specify time and address. The master comes with own tools and only accepts payment after the service is coming, by the way, quickly (if urgent order, just three hours). You can cancel your order at any time. The developers with each new update add new services. In addition, the app loves to surprise for the holidays. For example, if we talk about the last New year, the user became available to trade holiday table and home decoration to create a festive mood.

the applesite

3. Picodi

There is such a discount portal that works in 26 countries (including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). On this portal you can absolutely free copy discount promo codes for online stores, save coupons for restaurants and participate in promotions. As a result, you get huge discounts, which retain a large proportion of your life savings. Of course, to have access to all this coupon wealth, you need to install the respective mobile app. It is perfect for those who do not want to overpay, when you can pay less. Moreover, you can save not only online but also in the city.

Some stores and restaurants, the app is acting Picodi? A huge spread. There’s Burger King, KFC, Subway and McDonald’s if you love to eat. And Technosila, Media Markt, if you need to buy new equipment. In General, a total of 12 categories, so no purchases will remain. Separately tell about the directories. They represent the actual discounted offers on major network deals like Auchan, Ribbon, Miratorg or Magnet. From directory you can find out that it is now sold at discounted rates – do not have to go in vain.

Picodi need on your smartphone, because thanks to him you get access to exclusive discounts, personalized selection of coupons, instant information about various contests and promotions.


4. iG-store

iG Shop is a store that sells innovations. Nice that it relies on the seemingly incredible development, high-tech products and amazing device. If we look at the shelves of this store, I wonder what kind of world we live in: the future is now, and the foresight of science fiction become reality.

Touch lamps, working, dancing speakers, multitools and much more – all available for purchase right now. And if you want to be well informed and tech that appears in the store, you need to install their application. Every day there is 1 new product, two times a week, hold events and give out discounts. If you ordered anything from 3000 rubles, will deliver this «something» you are free, also operates a convenient progressive system that awards points for purchases. Points in turn, you can pay for the next purchase. Each product undergoes rigorous testing you get a reliable and detailed description. A large part of the instructions are available online at the product, and this is useful when you do not understand the principles of use and don’t want to collect a bunch of papers to find what you need. Note that these are exclusive products and they are available not only in the store but in the app. Definitely to put on your smartphone if you for a brighter and technological future!


5. Eristica

The most weird and crazy things people do on a dare. The first bet were made before our era, and still they remain an important part of human communication. It is difficult to find a person who never made a bet: «they Say I can’t drink for another three, I bet?!» So begins the hilarious story to life. For them, these vivid impressions, it was created the app Eristica (from Greek – «art of victory in the debate»). With a simple and convenient interface, it is possible to make friends with a public and a secret bet, and also to participate in massive challenges. Victory condition the application has to publish a photo or video approva (proof of execution).

In the debates and challenges Eristica already adopted by many well-known videoblogger and presenters. Their evidence can always be found in the tape approval, which is a real instagram disputes.

Remember the statistics, which reveals some of the most interesting moments from the history of Eristica:

– broken on head 284 eggs;

– 129 indecent phrases Wikiquote in Windows;

– 42 mothers learned on the phone about the fake pregnancy;

36 Japanese a photo of you in hats with ear-flaps, holding the bottle of vodka;

– 15 liters of milk consumed via the nose;

1 person jumped over a MacBook air on a skateboard in the cow costume.

In Eristica I bet people from 19 countries have signed over a million disputes. Therefore, the program is the world’s largest online Registrar pair. So, you can say: «If there is no dispute in Eristica – the dispute was not».


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