Programs that will make your life easier #7

It is our enduring tradition. Almost weekly we’re looking for the best program for you and your smartphone. We always choose a useful and affordable services designed to help you in life. They can cope with any small business, to free you time, they help on the roads, reduce penalties, or entertain you in leisure time. Some of them will stay with you for a long time, others will leave you when you find something better. But they all at some point in your life you will need.

1. Peers.TV

Gorgeous cross-platform (Android, iOS, Smart TV) service, which allows you to watch TV absolutely free. In fact, the «Peers.TV» is a channel IPTV player that allows you to easily find the desired TV program and even fold your own playlists. The application has support for «Chromecast». At the same time, it does not take much space and can work from anywhere in the world – a real goldmine for any movie lover.

TV you can watch not only online, but in the recording (useful when you always miss the start of the series). Of course, you can live pause («Timeshift»), go to the beginning («Start over») and even broadcast it on the TV screen (magic «Chromecast»). That is, at your disposal a very convenient functionality. It is possible to generate your own list of channels, add them to your favorites.

To get your application running, you only need an active Internet connection. In the playlist there are 64 channels, but this is not the limit. The application is able to load the playlist provider, and the number of channels thereby, increasing. «Peers.TV» there are also a number of thematic collections. For example, there is a section «news», which is a slicing of the most debated and hot news from different TV channels. The service itself is free, it is not even compulsory registration, but if you sign up, you will be able to purchase a package of «Entertainment», which includes 12 popular channels for only 59 rubles per month.



We’ve saved you from fines on the roads today, again, we will help not only you, but also your car. This time with the help of the program «MAYAK», which will be an indispensable companion for the driver of any experience.

Even the most experienced of us know that Russian roads are full of unpredictability. The machine can stall in the middle of the track, the battery is discharged at a crossroads, and there are accidents – to predict the impossible. And, according to Murphy’s law, all this happens at the wrong time. How to help you «MAYAK»? All works in the following way: you find yourself in a difficult situation (breakdown or accident, for example); mark its location on the map, briefly describing the problem; after a few minutes on the screen shows at least 3 nearby team of car specialists that you cause. Separately we mention a new feature that will appear in a few months. It will warn you about city services, what will be decided to evacuate the car without your knowledge. The app will warn you of the impending crime, which, in our opinion, very good.

In the program there is a list of technical assistance that can be provided to the owner. They can be simple or complex, we will try to list all available services: towing, replacement or ressortiront wheels, fuel delivery, battery charging, repair of fuel system, suspension repairs, fix ignition, etc. to speed up program work you can use a hashtag, for example: «damage»; «the car won’t start»; «an accident.» Overall, by installing this application, you get access to surgical care on the roads, the largest database field of service stations in Russia, calculating the full cost of the repair (noncontributory). To use the application comfortably and easily, and it is available for iOS and for Android.


3. Words

Now English is not just a marker of human intelligence, but also a necessary skill. If you understand the language and can speak fluently, before you have a range of unprecedented opportunities, including career. Today we study English together with the application «Words», which was created by our friends from «Ulilab».

So, what is the feature of the program «Words»? Mainly in the fact that it can be in any conditions, in those rare free moments when we go to work or run to the Institute. It is much better to spend time usefully when you stand in any queue, than just staring at the ceiling, right? The developers claim that to raise the level of language may be at the expense of 20 minutes a day for one month. Below is a tempting assumption became a reality, they offer us to learn 8 different exercises, each of which teaches a specific skill language. You can also add your own lessons and words. Only in the application of 330 lessons, which, in turn, contains 8,000 words. Lessons are divided by theme (food, sports, nature, clothes, money) that allows you to examine exactly what you are interested in, not just to cram the gray information. In turn, each lesson is designed for one day.

Note good voice acting application: every word heard and well said. «Words» does not require that you connect to the Internet once to download the materials and is ready to use. If 8,000 words is not enough, the program has a built-in English-Russian dictionary contains about 40000 words. By the way, the learning algorithm uses the proven methods of memory research. That is, the application adapts to your individual experience with it and selectively repeats the words with which you had problems. Thus, the effectiveness of the training is increased in multiples.

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4. Real Metronome

Beginners this thing despise, but professional musicians can not do without it, and all because perfectly understand the degree of its usefulness. Of course, we are talking about the metronome. No matter what you play: guitar, piano, harmonica, even a triangle. The metronome you need. Not every person is born with an innate sense of rhythm, and it is good if you are doing music for fun, but if you play in a band and regularly lose, then that would not be good.

The problem is solved in regular rehearsals with a metronome. To start today, install it in your smartphone. Fortunately, the guys from «Gismart» embraced the issue and created quite a nice app that has never failed me. So learn, play, use a metronome.


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