Programs that will make your life easier #15

One of the characters of Dostoevsky said a remarkable phrase: «Easy, mon cher, it is in fact the most cunning.» The product of «Teenager» was written in the 19th century, but this wisdom is relevant even in the 21st. Modern life is full of hurry, she’s complicated, strange and extravagant. Fortunately, there was such a valuable thing as a smartphone. At first the sense of it was little more than from a wired phone, but now a bunch of useful services and at first glance a simple application help us to save valuable time. A bunch of priceless time truly, the trick is in the simplicity.

1. Facebook Events

Despite the fact that we have our own «Vkontakte», in foreign social networks sits a lot of our countrymen, of foreign connections. So, among the many features Facebook has previously been «Events» — you can find out what interesting events are happening in town, when and how many people will go there. Fear not, the function has not gone anywhere but rather increased into a whole separate app.

Now to watch the events much easier — Events you can view events, selected on the principle of time and location, as well as your personal interests. Plus there’s a built-in calendar for planning. In principle, this pluses end here, for example, you cannot yet buy tickets for the event. Facebook generally likes to bring small functions in separate applications, and this is not always successful. However, the chance Events is, although the app is currently available only for iOS users.


2. Hum on!

Imagine that you came up with a masterpiece song is a hit that can enter into the annals of history and to break all the tops on the radio, eclipsing the Summertime and «Moonlight Sonata». Now come back down to earth and realize that you have no musical education, and your work will hardly leave the borders of the head. Of course, if you finished literature, there is no problem… anyway, now no need to waste time and life on courses or schools — just hum a melody into the microphone and then get the musical notation, which then can send to a fellow musician (not free, of course).

The essence of Hum on! very simple — it’s like Shazam, but steeper. You sing into the recorder cacophony of their music, and the program at the end gives you a score. Moreover, she can play different instruments and in different styles: while available piano, orchestra, rock, R&B, ballad, and polyphony. Honestly will warn you that the playback is not always satisfactory and often know their work is just impossible. Hard to say, in the wrong notes or playing problem, but the beta is already something. By the way, every result is stored, and to facilitate recording here you can configure the metronome.


3. SpeakASAP

If the meeting with foreign delegation tomorrow, and you already regret that he had written «the knowledge of English excellent» in your resume — it’s time to think about an easy and useful program which will give the basics of any of the popular foreign languages. It is reasonable to trust SpeakASAP, because here the learning process for beginners on seven literacy lessons that can be completed in an hour. And while all understand. Moreover, the choice here is very large: all the top European languages, several Asian and even Turkish.

Other possibilities here you can find video lessons, songs with translation, exercises and tips for teachers. Almost everything is available offline. In fact, this app is for those who do not know the language or have forgotten the entire curriculum. The app has room to grow: for example, there are complaints not always intelligible pronunciation in the recordings, but the developers carefully listen to the clients and leave no feedback, no response.


4. Recipe food

«We had 2 cartons of milk, 75 of tomatoes, 5 packages of cheese, half a cabbage and a whole lot of apples of all varieties and colors, as well as pasta, eggs, bread, a box of cucumbers and a bottle of wine. Not that it was necessary reserve for dinner. But if you start to cook, it becomes difficult to stop.» Unfortunately, you might not understand the reference to «Fear and hatred in Las Vegas» (shame!), so let’s get to it. To find a decent recipe online — a hell of confusion, because they do not take into account available in your refrigerator range.

Let’s say you have a standard set for Breakfast but what to do with it — you’re in my soul is not chayut. But! You can take your smartphone, open the «Prescription food» and drive back the list of your products. And the app will happily give you a list of personal recipes, written by the real Housewives, with these ingredients. Simply choose the desired and cook according to instructions with photos. The app is very crude (which is the «ingredient» in the main menu): it is time to think, little functional and contains ads. But the basic function does a Bang — here it is really possible, not bothered to find something unusual and make of the fact that there is something really interesting and edible.


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