Programs that will make your life easier #14

The good magician Gandalf it took 14 people to drive out of the Lonely mountain the evil dragon. Five apps that we have collected in the new issue, unlikely to help defeat the dragon, but will help him to get acquainted with a virgin, to learn a foreign language and find your favorite song.


In his time on the laurels of the music of the social network claimed Last.Fm, and all sorts of Apple Music and Spotify did with music is terrible rite, for which you need to constantly pay. The creators of the service MuzApp not to split hairs with the name of the program, but in creating it they have shown is commendable meticulousness. In addition to excellent design with a choice of color themes, you immediately feel that he was in a real social network for music lovers, which is free of charge to listen to music as their own, and friends, and you can suddenly watch music videos and rate them.

Actually, the rating system is based local Kingdom. Some users recommend tracks, and others, if you like track, give him a star or «picarat» it. Here are a few things: if a track is already in your library, it rises to the top, and if he were not, then immediately added thereto. If the recommendation came from you, for every «figuring» your track increases your own rating. So you encourage the dissemination of quality music.

In addition, there is a standard for music social functions: you can create playlists, share tracks privately with friends or to recommend them to everybody and even music can be «sasamat» right in the app! It’s all free, and no stupid subscriptions, which is the main advantage of the application. The only drawback — only happy apple users.


Chat Scandal

In the anonymous chat rooms always had their own romance. Let there and then come across a strange person that offer glory to God if only the «Commissar of the body», but there’s always Myself. It is pleasant to talk to, to discuss Hobbies, and then meet. This is the main advantage of Scandal — this chat using geolocation, it automatically offers you chat rooms created close to you.

In fact it is the only function of the service, so there is room to grow. Lacking more specific personalization, the transition to chat is not only regional but also Federal level. But you can create your own chat with an incredibly enigmatic title, throw a provocative remark, and then watch as bugurt grows to the scale of the Apocalypse. Isn’t that interesting?


Russian Place

If you are lucky and your tractor happiness already took you to another country, you should pay attention to this useful app. Its essence is not to spend all of money, eating and purchased in foreign institutions. No matter on vacation or at a permanent — always useful to know where it is cheaper to get ingredients for dinner or a souvenir. The diversity of the States represented here pleasantly surprised, while Russia itself is not on the list.

Well, if you felt alone and in Guinea-Bissau Russian for some reason you have not found, the application will help you to find at least other user card at your disposal. Of course, the usefulness of the program entirely depends on the country itself. Also it is felt that there are not all shops and services. However, these shortcomings can be filled with dealing with the Russian neighbors through the app itself — someone will tell.


Turkish Languages

It is the individual teacher who is willing to teach you the linguistic intricacies of day and night. Most are an impressive number of languages available: besides the standard and rarer the service offers such Exotica as Hebrew, Afrikaans, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian and Vietnamese. And even English is divided into two languages — can learn the Prim British version or the American soul.

In total, the service offers more than 30 languages, learning that you can set the difficulty from beginner to advanced. Wisely enclosing the user from the breach, the application first gives to assess their knowledge in General subjects, gradually opening to new lessons. Among them, travel with food, and the colors with numbers — the priorities are different, so choose what you enjoy and teach health.


Cardboard Camera

Almost a year ago, Google introduced app to capture and view 360-degree panoramas. Here everything is simple and clear, and most importantly, cool: you turn around its axis, and the app handles the pictures, giving high-quality 3D panorama that you made. For example, the autumn forest, where you were lucky to get lost in search of mushrooms.

Now the same is available on the iOS platform. You can lock your apartment for sale, carbon house party or one of your silent partners in the theft of the Bank, was sitting gloomily in the car. Just remember that to view this content you will have to buy a VR-headset type Cardboard.


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