Programs that will make your life easier #13

That came our cycle to such a sinister mark as 13. Baker’s dozen — the number of difficult, and hence the application we are special, of course, only in the best sense of the word. There is nothing demonic, angelic rather, because they bring absolute favor and make life easier than the heir to the Thai throne.

1. Piggy 2.0

Surely you know the situation when payday is still a week, and the money is already there. Most, as usual, was squandered in the first few days after payday: paid your dues, walked with the girls, met with friends. Then two half-starved weeks on the water and the pasta, and again, twenty-five have to find people who will agree to give a loan. Here’s a she — lives from paycheck to paycheck.

We have no doubt that someday you will get rich but until that happens, better manage available funds correctly. Here comes to the rescue and the program «Bank 2.0». In fact, it replaces a wife, and shows you that how much you can spend today. Spent less, they went to the Treasury. Spent more tomorrow eat less. «Piggy Bank» is planning the budget conscious and better educated than the state Duma, allowing you to put numerous filters and is simple to use.

You can perhaps choose the start and end dates of the planning period, estimate the approximate income and to save money on necessary expenses during this time. After installing this app you will notice that your wages aren’t so miserable, and products in the stores are different.


2. LinGo

Now in the world is this situation that not to think about immigration in some quiet calm place near the lake is quite difficult. Quiet lakes a lot, but for some reason they are all in other countries. How to negotiate the rent of the house, to ask, to beg, if you don’t know the language? Yes way! Foreign language is a tool of knowledge of foreign culture, but also an instrument that helps to navigate and interact in the era of globalization.

But it’s all prose, cut to the chase: how to learn a language? A lot of methods: you can hire a tutor and pay, you can go on courses to overpay and to waste some more time, and you can download his app, which is already 2 years successfully works and teaches beginners polyglot.

Lingo allows you to learn 12 languages. And since any entity without the stimulus — wasted time, the application can be found online multiplayer, which will allow you to compete with others in knowledge of foreign words.

The app works on two principles: learning and game — that is to say, a test of knowledge. If someone is too busy on the game he doesn’t have time, you can just learn words, expressions, and admire the beautiful machine words.

It’s nice that the app is not static: the vocabulary replenishes, and by the end of October will be added to the verbs, idioms and expressions, and even the developers promise to please us with online game to make using the program even more enjoyable.


3. The sportsman PRO

As said Ramzan Kadyrov in his Instagram: «long live sport, sport and more sport.» Sport is our all, our only chance not to become a stunted dwarf, when there is such a poor environment.

But any activity, including sport, must be organized and under control. Here in the arena and out of such programs as «Athlete PRO». Here is everything you need beginner «athlete», took self improvement without a coach. This application will select the optimal exercise program for your level, say, how many repetitions and approaches need to be done, and will persistently remind you that it’s time to train, you just don’t forget to score schedule.

In short, a great helper for those who like before watching their health and is a fan of sit-UPS, push-UPS, sit-UPS, pull-UPS and other delights for a healthy lifestyle.


4. Hootsuite

According to statistics, the modern Internet user has 3 or 4 profile in various social networks. And if the user is over 18 years of age, as a rule, it does not have the time to constantly deal with all profiles. It is not an easy matter: you need to show your uniqueness, or Vice versa, to be in trend. For such situations it was invented by a Hootsuite app, which essentially combines all the popular social services into one interface — there’s Twitter, Facebook and others. Huge omission — no VK. But as the developers say, his appearance — a matter of time.

The app publishes photos in different social networks at the same time, sets the timer for a prepared post, monitors the trends and keeps you stand out from the cohort is stylish, trendy and modern. It may seem that this app is completely useless, but it’s exactly to the point, as you begin to use it. Really saves the main resource of today is time.


5. Bubbly

It would seem that you can come up with the new in a rather monotonous and numbed the realm of social media? It turned out. Tried craftsmen of Android that thought, if you already have social networks with pictures and text posts, why no social voice, and created Bubbly.

Of course, comes to mind is voice messaging in WhatsApp, but here to this add cool filters, effects and background music which adds flavor to your nasty casleton. As in any social network, Bubbly you can find new people and meet new people, to voice their own blog, which obviously will help out all illiterate, will allow you to hear the voice of your favorite blogger and celebrity (among the 30 million members and there are many) and most importantly — add to your passages of emotions, using Caps Lock, smileys and exclamation marks do not convey.

Through Bubbly, you can post messages in Facebook and Twitter. One touch and hear your voice, even those who are not signed on Bubbly.

Do the original thing no baby excitement will not look.


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