Programs that will make your life easier #12

The days of carefree existence without mobile technology is long gone, and the electronic companion requires updates almost every day. Here’s a new piece convenient and useful application which after installation, your life should be improved, perhaps will be more interesting and most importantly — simpler.

1. Your time

In the confusion, you can often forget important things that needed to finish on time. Draw an x on my hand is no longer fashionable, but it was never practical. Write to-do lists on paper too impractical. With the advent of new technology in our lives, you can easily organize all tasks in my life. For example, with «Your time» you can not worry so much about plans for the day, week or even a month. In this program, you can create any lists. At the right moment you will receive reminders that can be easily linked to the calendar in your smartphone. The main advantage, which is celebrated by all users is the simplicity and convenience. Add any task both manually and simply dictated by her voice. In just a few clicks, you can make your schedule for the day or week. Also check the weather, and even exchange rates, which is very convenient for business people.

An interesting feature that really distinguishes this tool from others is the fact that the app can cheer you up motivational quotes. That is certainly an individual approach to each user. In the end, the app really simplifies and brings order to your life.


2. Google Duo

Recently Google introduced its own video chat feature called Google Duo. The service can only call one-on-one, but Google did we ever let you down? If the guys from overseas are taking it turns out they are all excellent.

One of the most unique and interesting features in the updated Google Duo is the so-called «knock knock» or simply «tuk-tuk». It works like this: before you accept the call, you will be able to see a little video with someone. Often it is very convenient and allows you to understand the motive and the mood on the other side of the smartphone. It is possible to adapt to it or just skip the call if your mood at the moment to this has not. The profile Duo is tied to the phone, so as soon as one of your friends sign up in the new chat, you’ll see it.


3. Cheers Map

We all love discounts, but it is not always possible to get the coveted discount card you need a shop or restaurant. It happens that in some institutions you need to order over a certain amount and only then you will be given a signature card. If you’re not ready to make large orders, but the discounts would not be refused — you can buy a card for a fee. In the end, it will be much more profitable and more productive. With the help of the program «Hooray Card» you can do this operation in a matter of minutes. The advantage is that after the registration you will have the opportunity to purchase up to 5 cards for free, because you’ve already had 25 points. They will last for several loyalty cards of your favorite establishments. For each read-out card in the school, you receive 1 point. And despite the fact that for each friend listed in the app, you receive points that you can save some money. Buying cards is literally 2 clicks and no need to fill a huge form, which usually bring you in restaurants and shops. If you have acquired all the cards you need institutions, you can see on the map in real-time what discounts you can buy nearby. As a result, you will save 10 to 20 % of their savings to visit your favorite store or cafe.


4. Payments

In the hustle and bustle of the modern life rhythm is very easy to forget about the numerous payments for Internet, mobile phones or utilities. Some, of course, deliberately trying to wipe his memory, some operations with money is always a stress and a bad mood. Who wants to part with hard-earned pieces of paper with a picture of the largest cities in the country.

For those who it is important not to forget any transactions on the account there is an interesting app that reminds you about all the necessary payments. It will help in greater extent to those who have such problems a huge amount. Those, for example, the collection of membership dues or on the contrary wants to monitor all payments to suppliers. But this does not mean that this application will not fit you, ordinary guy from the village. It also can include, for example, a reminder for the debts, if you love to out my friends. The app syncs across all your devices, be it iPhone or iPad.

There is also an important feature that closes the app under password. You never know you’re embarrassed by the reminder of payment to the local sex shop, too, you know it happens. One of the downsides is the fact that there is not stored a history of all payments. But many emphasize that this function is not needed, since the main purpose of the service is a reminder of the payment and not the collection of years of history.


5. Fake call

And bonus our selection today is probably the most essential app on any smartphone, which is called «fake call». Not difficult to guess that the main target of the imitation speaks about the call in the right situation. Often need to quietly escape from a boring lecture or to say goodbye to annoying acquaintances. Here comes to the aid of this application. It can call existing fake numbers, to assign a false call pictures and melodies. You can even set your own theme, it most concisely fit into your smartphone. In General, to have such a program, of course, necessary, if you want to avoid some sticky situation.


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