Programs that will make your life easier #11

We continue to strive to make your life easier, discovering and sharing the most interesting and practical of the mobile applications world. This time we picked up a great app for those who are accustomed to a business life and with trepidation to his own time, Finance and self-improvement. But, no matter how serious you are, we know, entertain do you love me too, so not paid attention to the programs that will be able to become the tricks that the advanced user of the Internet. So, prepare your device to upgrade.

1. Money Flow

You — as a man of business, accustomed to control their finances must evaluate new product that will allow you to perform various operations associated with money within your device. Money Flow is a program that helps you easily navigate multiple accounts, fast transfers between them and to always remain aware of what’s going on with your finances. Thanks to the convenient interface, using this application becomes a pleasure: you can choose the theme, customize the account according to their needs, and to set the necessary icons. You may use this program free of charge, without any restrictions on operations, but in-app purchases provide a number of benefits such as: protects, thanks to a pin code or touch ID, geo-tag, auto-backup and a quick search of the necessary operations.

To make it easier to deal with a new program immediately after installation, you have the opportunity to see the demo data that will shed light on all the technical details and the clues can then be removed from the sidebar. Also feature Money Flow is a built-in calculator that makes entering amounts more convenient, and also gives the opportunity to use not only with accounts, but different labels.


2. LabelUp

For advanced users of Instagram, and for those who want to wisely buy and sell your product, a special application aimed at a collaboration of brands and bloggers on Instagram. LabelUp is not just a convenient way to interact with brands for experienced and proactive user, but also a creative way of presenting advertising information. If you’re an advertiser who wants to quickly and profitably advertise and sell your product for you is the ability to attract the attention of bloggers, the most popular on instagram. In turn, bloggers can easily and quickly find a user and make the placement of its advertising on the page. By installing this app on your device, you open yourself to the opportunity to receive offers from well-known companies to set their own price for the goods and receive a guaranteed payment for publication. But if you want to promote your brand, you just need to begin to interact with distinguished leaders integralnih posts, and they have themselves advanced your product. All publications will appear on the accounts of real people, and you will be able to regularly track sales statistics.

In other words, LabelUp is a modern way to not only become popular on social networks, but also to significantly raise the level of your business, because if you’re an advertiser, you have access to the full database of instagram users, with which you will be able to run unlimited ads. The interface is very user friendly: search by nicknames very simple, and the filters of the search you will be able to save or add to favorites any you account. All this greatly facilitates the tracking process of advertising posts and quality control.



If you’re used to spending your money wisely, then we have for you a great offer, how correctly to buy, but also to save. DISCOUNT RU is a mobile application through which you will get back some of the money for each purchase online.

All you need to do is install the program, register it, go to your favorite stores and buy as usual. And DISCOUNT PV will return you part of the money spent. For example, with every purchase on AliExpress you’ll get back 10% for hotel reservation to 4% for purchases in the iTunes AppStore and you will get back 5 %.

Most importantly, remember that for purchases in-store mobile apps cash back will not be as this is a completely different story. The only exception is the mobile app: if you do everything as written on the website PY DISCOUNT, cashback will be yours.

Your cashback you can have in your account on DISCOUNT PV and bring it to the phone, a Bank card or e-wallet.

The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows.


4. Pocket

Skilled Internet users will definitely need a good app to read, filter and save interesting information in one place. The Pocket app will help to make your journey through the links and pages easier and more productive, because you can always save the article or source to study which at the moment you don’t have time. You can add information of any kind: video, photo, article, directly from browsers or other apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, for example. At any time you can pull from your «pocket» something interesting for you, to show to friends or colleagues. This program is a great way to spend time on the Internet usefully. And most importantly, the app is available in off-line mode, so you can view saved information you can even in places without Internet access. Cool option for travelling or long flight.


5. Timehop

There is nothing better than to talk with friends about how many stupid things you did which pictures were posted on the Internet and fasted on their pages. With the app Timehop simple memories can become a reality. This application is a kind of time capsule that shows you the activity of any user of social networks at any point in the past. All that long ago became history, now available without recovering old passwords or browsing a huge number of photos. It is enough to download the app Timehop and you can remember everything that happened on a specific page, two, three or more ago. With such a program, infinity is really not the limit. In our opinion, this is a great way to have fun, or just to cheer yourself up while you’re flipping pages in the Internet. The program is available on all platforms is completely free and will surely brighten up your leisure, and maybe let you know something interesting about the lives of others.


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